Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Martin, Jen and I are studying something outside the Garmisch USA

sunny photo op on the patio.
Martin's first Firehouse. Jen's weekend off from rowing. She is headed to master's nationals next week. You think your hands get sore gripping the handlebars? Those rowers dont wear gloves and i would rely on Jen to portage my canoe or put my bike on top of a car more than i would some cyclists with under developed upper bodies. ( Ok I should just speak for myself, shouldnt I?)
Friends, good food, good times.
Scott took a bit of a tumble in the 4 person TT. He will have some hardware installed thursday that will make his security clearance as a pilot for NWA a bit more suspicious when he sets off the metal detectors. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope Jill doesnt go nutso with him home for the next few weeks.


Steve Stenzel said...

I hope Scott's doing OK!

Bambi's cute!

GoBigGreen said...

SS: He is the proud owner of some Ti rods in his clavicle. We havent heard from him so hope that he is recovering ok.
The fawn was ADOREABLE. Rich wanted to drive up closer but it was so scared that it stood there FROZEN. I just wanted to take picture and then leave it alone.

EmilyBlanche said...

missed you at team tt!

great pictures. :)