Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Firehouse 50 weekendBig Kevin gets his wheels rolling
"Man is he good to ride behind!"
Elliot runs/skis for Sibley High School and is quite the budding Triathlete
Chuck is Elliot's dad and a fine musician as well.
Julia has finally developed the skill that Rich has had all along. Self portrait while cutting off half the other person's face.
Dont get too excited .. I had a swimsuit on and just had to get a pic of those tan lines. And that is a tan line having worn 50 SPF religiously with re-applications all summer. If you look you can still see the bulge of tissue on my left cheek where i still have scar tissue and a hematoma from being taken out in june in a crit. There is some painful soft tissue work ahead. And yea, it still hurts. Nothing a little dip in Lake Owen post race wont help, tho.

Race was fine. Hard. Epic may be too strong a term bc people like to use EPIC for races like Ken Woods, when really i would just call that plain crazy or "dumb" for racing in conditions like that. Maybe mentally Epic is a good term for the Firehouse 50 TT. And cant argue with the beauty of the course, the variety of the terrain, the fun times and the great spectators and volunteers.

I won my age group and placed 6th overall for women and didnt empty the tank. I hope to return next year and see what more i can do with this course...

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StevenCX said...

Crit crashes are no fun. Great win at Firehouse! Nice tan lines - they're hard to avoid for sure.