Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post Olympic let down??..nope.You have to admit you are bored with the Olympics, arent you? Ok not really, I am kidding. But in case you havent mapped out your recovery plan for when you cant turn on the TV and have 24-7 coverage of any sport ( but triathlon, ahem ahem, what is up with that?..they show the ENTIRE womens marathon and no triathlon? What??) Nothing against women running AT ALL but what about the Tri?
Ok sorry, off on a tangent.

Can FED get another one? What do you think?

Blake beat him in the Olympics in straight sets. And Nadal now is the #1 ranked player in the world. Here are my thoughts:

I wouldnt take FED's loss in Bejiing as a sign of anything. He went to represent his country, he played doubles with a relatively unknown guy and won. Roddick didnt play for the USA bc he was tuning up for the US Open with the series that lucratively leads up to NYC. Roddick needs to work if he wants to repeat as well.

I dont know. Blake plays for his JBLOCK in the city, Roddick wants another, Dokyovic sure loves the fast courts and the "show" he can put on with his mimicking other players, ( if you havent seen him impersonate Maria, you should) and of course, Nadal. Cant neglect the now number 1 in the world. Whether or not Fed did well in Bejiing he will have his hands full ...and maybe just maybe he needed to play some tennis for his country, not for himself, in less of a pressure situation.

So when you are moping about with sadness that the games are over, tune in for some awesome late night matches from Flushing Meadow. Cant beat that.

** I have played 2 x at Flushing Meadow / National Tennis Center, on the outside courts. It is a public tennis facility so anyone can book a court. The stadiums are of course not open to pedestrian play. We toured them, and wow, it was pretty darn cool. To play in Arthur Ashe Stadium would be like....playing ....the metrodome is too small. I cant even relate it to anything we have here. Court surface is actually kinda slow...sticky slow. Not like playing on grass.
Ok this ends the trip down memory lane.

US OPEN starts next week...

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