Friday, October 09, 2009

More pics and nervous energy

So I have more pics. I am not usually this into posting pics of myself but it is my blog and maybe bc it seems like racing pics mean I have a bit of control It makes me feel better to recall these efforts. Not that they were fully enjoyable..But actually they were in that weird odd way that we all can relate to.
This one below totally shows what my sister calls Julia's HYENG face. Can you see that i am totally focused on that red mat and actually am truly in the pain locker. And so glad to be done. I think this is the closest i came to hurling on a run. Luckily my Gel stayed put.

And in all this madness of real life I found this picture. Why, you ask, did she post this?
Well in the midst of the fruit basket of life being turned upside down I cancelled alot of wedding, reception, music, and the invites have not been sent. We thought about sending an "Unsave the date" card. Haha. But what i didnt my highlight and cut appt.
I mean IF IF IF we can still get married in November there is NO WAY I am wearing my hair in the long winter dishwater blonde mop. I mean a girl has to put her foot down sometime.
The hair will look good and ya know. F Cancer. No way I am cancelling that hair appt!


Greyt Times said...

Love the pics. Love 'em!

Ellen said...

Well, you could always do Heidi Braids around the head - but you can do that with fake hair too.

Check out the Bobby Pin Blog - don't ask me how I know about Vintage hairstyles!