Friday, October 16, 2009


Is it really friday? Wow time flies.
So I was swimming this morning and thinking about all the things I am grateful for:

Rich..I would spend three pages on this so just say RICH.

My wonderful supportive friends and family

Rich's family, soon to be MY family too..legally I wonderful and supportive as well.

My blogger friends, some of you may think i am stalking you and i dont even know you but I have a bit more time on my hands lately to read all your fun and crazy stories! If I comment about how wimpy you are when it is 45 degrees, dont take it seriously. I just have lost my filter this last week:)

My parents especially who I feel have been so lucky to be in good health for so long. Mom, you had that little run in with Cancer a few years ago but at the ripe age of 77yo you beat that bad boy and are now running strong. Dad, you still amaze me and i think you should still sign up for a 5k and beat all the 50 yo's and win your 80-85 AG. You could SO go to Kona!

My co-workers. I work for a wonderful Non-Profit and my co-workers have just been so wonderful and supportive. I dont go to one site and i pretty much multi-task with different sites and management employees. It is a great job and i appreciate the flexbility it allows me, but i sometimes wonder if i really have a home base since i office from home. I sure found out that I do have a CORE support with my work even if i dont see them from 9-5 everyday.
The staff at Mayo..we call the MD's the three amigos, or the SUITS. This is a teaching hospital so with the lead Surgeon we get the chief resident and the 1st year resident AND the PA. They come in "the suits" and I spend most my time trying to break them and make them laugh. I did try this pre-surgery when i cracked a Steve Carrel 40 YO virgin joke about me waxing Rich's belly. And nobody smiled. But me. Ok save those for POST surgery. Now I have cracked all of them at least once. Gotta have some fun ya know. Everyone here is top notch. I mean that. Nobody wants to be here and from the lead Surgeon to the volunteers that come around to give you hand massages ( yes I am serious) this place is the best. Hands down I would come back here if i had to.

Starbucks versus Caribou. Granted I have cut back and i dont drink alot of coffee to begin with but I have had a direct back to back challenge going on with these two, each is within 1/2 block of the hospital. Now you may have your favorites but to be frank, I would not pick either one of them. Yup I am spoiled by my NINA's coffee and the local indy shops I support.
But that being said I only drink espresso and i dont do the foofy drinks. So head to head on the capps..both places seem to think that a dry capp means "oh just dont fill it up as high"
NO this should mean you actually have to make foam. And this means that you actually have to HOLD the pitcher and not just WEDGE itunder the foam head and let it scald and make a high pitched scream. I did cave and order a pumpkin pie latte the other day when i was feeling a bit like I wanted to shop :) ( hahaha, i dont like to shop) and it was good till i got to the place where the sweetener had settled. BLECK. then it tasted like melted candy corn with HFCS mixed in. I am going back to the Jasmine Tea for now, and then back to my tried and true espresso or cold press from my indy shops at home.

Ok that was a coffee rant, wasnt it. But i guess I am thankful for them, in a sick sorta way:)

Thankful for... continues now:

Sun, it came out today.

Jen, for giving me workouts to help make me feel normal and reminding me that i met all my goals this summer so i need to get my head in THIS game..Rich's game and take care of myself too.

My own bed. The cot in this room was awful.

KO, for the swimsuit and the ongoing support.

My own health. I would be lying if i didnt say that this has been hard. I think you kinda buck up and get thru it and rely on the IAMSTRONG...motto but at some point i think i have had a few little pressure releasing quakes and hope that there isnt THE BIG ONE...waiting to come. ( ok seismic jokes may not be funny to those of you living on a fault line...New Madrid is next to go, so San Andreas can relax)
And I am getting too longwinded so time to sign off.

Rich is having a rough day and we hope that once he is past the 72 hour mark things will be better. ( FYI..inflammation peaks at 72 hours so if you crash your bike or have some sort of acute injury..just know day3 isnt gonna be good, but after that you will be better) He is back on NPO ( no food by mouth) and we have to get him rehydrated bc his insides are kicking out too much fluid. He is walking fine, not resting much bc of all the pokes, but I keep telling him how lucky we are that we came here for a 2nd opinion. Thank GOD!

Thanks for reading my hodge podge and for all you folks that are not wanting to ride outside when it is 45, buck up and get out there for a bit...then finish it off inside...:)


Jennifer Harrison said...

I am grateful to read the full details here, Julia - the Iphone only works out so well. I am JUST so glad RICH IS OK and you are keeping sane. Bleak hospitals, even if it is the Mayo clinic, are rough, so keep your chin up, be there for Rich and take care of yourself too!!! And, keep enjoying some stiff coffee. :)xo

Rebecca DeWire said...

I don't know why, but your post brought tears to my eyes. I think I could really relate to your IAMSTRONG motto. In my opinion what you guys are going through is so much tougher than what my husband and I went through. I remember how I felt and how hard it was, all along trying to pretend that IAMSTRONG, so I can only imagine what it is like for you. So many things were going wrong for us at once and I never thought they would get better, but slowly they are. I have total faith that things will get better for you and Rich. I am sure that right now it is hard to imagine, but things will get better :)

Soul Rider said...

So head to head on the capps...both places seem to think that a dry capp means "oh just dont fill it up as high".

*pinchs bridge of nose* No. Wrong. Epic fail. This means that you must pour less hot milk into the espresso and scoop more froth.

I am going back to the Jasmine Tea for now, and then back to my tried and true espresso or cold press.

If you ever walk into my 'Bou, I will jump behind the bar and make you a good drink, okay?

Glad that you are in high spirits. Sorry to hear Rich is having a rough day. I'm pulling for you guys and think of you often.

Molly said...

I sincerely believe you get back what you put in - ie you have the support and love of so many people because of what a wonderful friend and person you are. Keep your chin up, Julia. We're all thinking positive thoughts for you and Rich!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Your parents are da bomb. I love how engaged and active they are. Next time I'm in town I want to go swimming with your mom. Maybe we should get her the splishy too???

Hang in there!

Mama Simmons said...

It's been a while since I've caught up on blogs and I'm just now reading all this about Rich... I'm so glad to hear that he's gotten through the surgery ok and that you have such a positive attitude about so many things. That attitude goes a long way toward keeping you sane during the hardest times. Hang in there!! Hugs XOXO