Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well after many ups and downs this last week and especially saturday...we are back on track.

The TPN ( total perenteral nutrition) and the NG ( naso gastric) tube came out. The IV is still hanging around since he had 24 hours of severe dehydration. But overall he is doing so much better. The food is still not settling too well and even tho he knows he has to try to eat real food, after the 3-4 day stint of eating->blockage->throw up its hard to make yourself eat.
FYI if i lost some of you just take it as this...he had a block in his small intestine near the Ileum so the digested food just backed up. How awful. And fortunately his body has stopped producing so much fluid and we think the "twist" in his bowel is now unkinked. That is what the delay is.
A surgery like this has a huge risk of dehydration and we saw that first hand friday night into saturday when is already low BP dropped to 80. Crap.

So here we go, body...lets do it this time!!! GO RICH!!!

As for the update on what really annoys me...I think that I have another one. Running by ipoded runners or riders ( which is even worse) and they act all startled like it is my fault I startled them. Um HELLO. You are the one with the headset on! It isnt like i should have to run with a megaphone!

Getting a flat saturday, then having the car not start really was the point where I surrendered and just cried. Now I have peroneal tendonitis in my left leg from pushing my bike up hills in my cleats to get a ride home. And yes I had a spare but i couldnt get the staple out of the tire for the life of me that sucker was in there for good. At 32 degrees and 8am I had no fingers after 10 minutes.

Ok then...we have to thank the cast of Arrested Development for keeping us laughing this week. I cant wait for the movie. If You havent seen this series go get it. Watch it from the beginning...It is well worth it! Your dysfunctional family will seem pretty normal after this series!


Beth said...

GOOOOOO Rich!!! Goooo intestines - you can do it!! :) Great to hear things are progressing; albeit I'm sure slower than you had hoped. Hang in there!! And keep laughing!! (I'm convinced that's really good medicine)

Darn staple. Ugh.

Mama Simmons said...

Glad to hear Rich is making progress... I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately.
Take care of that peroneal tendonitis. I had a little bout with that over the summer. 6 days no running and lots of sticking my foot in a bucket of ice water (BRRRRRR!) and it was all healed up for good. :)

TriGirl Kate O said...

I hope everything starts moving in the right direction for Rich food wise! Down the hatch (not up...)

A little cry can be a good thing. I had one myself today.

Rebecca DeWire said...

Fantastic news about Rich! I am thrilled to hear that things are looking up.

Greyt Times said...

Glad to hear the kink is on the mend! That is good news!

And a STAPLE??? Bummer - that really sucks. Stupid cold weather. I thought about that on my ride long do I have to do X before my fingers would freeze and be rendered useless.

You're right - why DO we live here??

Angela and David Kidd said...

Gooo Rich! Hope you both are hanging in there.

And I hear you on being annoyed with people with iPods who say "Oh, you startled me!" when you come up on them. Seriously? I just want to shake them.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Arghh! I hate flats and that really stinks with everything you have going on.YOu need those workout endorphins to deal with all the craziness/health issues rich is battling now.

Charisa said...

Hang in there - GO RICH GO!!!! And I agree, ipoders who seem upset and startled?! Dumb!

Heidi Austin said...

I'm glad things have made a small turn for the better for Rich. I will definitely keep you two in my prayers! I know you are both going to make it through this. Keep up your good spirits!

Trigirlpink said...

Holy Crap
What a week you got goin' on there.

Hope Rich is feeling better. If he wants a Reese Peanut Butter Cup by Saturday, he's DEFINITELY getting better! :-)

Ellen said...

As a slow runner (I absolutely know you would be passing me), I sometimes get startled even when I'm not using my Ipod. It's embarrassing. I'm just thinking of other things. Just like masters swimming when I forget what lap I'm on.

So I just hope the passerby doesn't notice my giant startle reflex/yelp.

It's good to hear about Rich's progress and, yes, your complaints as well - we wouldn't be here if we didn't want to know.