Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ya know what really bugs me...

Random post here:

You know what really bugs me....

-When there are ENFORCERS in the left lane that will only go 64mph when the speed limit is 65. I mean really? I want to go 69 or 70, let me thru!

-That i actually bought the DREAMGIRLS cd, omg that is a bad CD. There is one song worth listening to. I must have been bonking or crazy when i paid good $ for that one. I put it in the CD player with all this driving and was like "who bought this?" Oh. Me.

-A nice October day ( finally ) and i realize our October has been the coldest on record. It bugs me that all my friends are trying to train for Clearwater and they are likely doing an 8 hour day today to make up for all the lost time.

-I think i need to start up the humidifier.

-The heat cycles on and off so randomly in this room it is like a sauna then it is like an ice box.

-I have been banned from my trainer. ( haha kidding, actually this is fine but it makes getting outsided to ride a chore)

-Seeing Marion Gaborik Killing it with the Islanders when he was "Injured" all last season with the WILD. Um ok, yea.

-I already used the "Coffee rant" so i guess i had better lay off Starbucks and Caribou. I am actually wanting to approach then each for a sponsorship...or better yet one each year. See if there is a direct correlation between which cup o joe i drink and how i do at races. I bet Elf, Mary and a few others...?? would like to be a part of this controlled ( NOT) experiment.

-That the action movies available at the hospital are all PG 13 or so they seem, no blood and guns, AND that the TV Shows available are all DORA or Hannah Montana. Now...I have a soft spot for Dora. My lovely adoreable Nephew WILL's first words?


So as to not sound like I am having a rough day and to be honest I screamed today driving when i saw the 30 miles to Rochester I am having a rough day...but

You know what really makes me smile:

-Getting outside on the 3rd floor deck with Rich for some sunshine. The security guy was so nice to let us out and when i told him that we really appreciated it bc Rich was going to jump off the edge..
Ha, he did laugh but was a bit less sure that I was stable enough to be wheeling the IV pole.

-My lululemmon clothing that has kept me fashionably comfortable. Plus Rich LOVES my Lulu GROOVE pants! Gotta look sharp for the patient.

-Despite not thinking Farve was a good idea for us, He is really really making MN smile. (along with his receivers and the rest of the team, I know i know.)

-My sister and my parents and my out of town sister ( who by the way just did a race in houston and i want to know what happened..Heide!!! CALL ME!) and my brother and RUBY are just so suppportive and making me food and doing odd errands. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL!

-The leaves today on my ride were so beautiful. I had a nice ride, that made me smile. Even tho my fingers got a tiny bit cold, but at least they werent ice blocks and I smile when i know that I have yet to use the chemical it is going to be a long winter at this rate!

-Rich hasnt thrown up yet today.

-Hopefully he wont.

-When i come back tomorrow I can get more popcorn at the subway level shopping area. It is closed on the weekend and there is this great Corn place that has what they call CHICAGO MIX...Um I thought it was MN mix:) I pick all the cheese and regular corn out. then eat a caramel corn. I think the best ratio is 5-6 cheese/plain to 1 Caramel.

-Time to end this post bc I am smiling at how odd that last paragraph is. Gotta end on a smile.


Molly said...

Rangers! The Islanders haven't won a game yet this year. That would irk me too. Teemu Selanne is like that for Sharks fans.

LOVE the Groove pants and all Lulu clothes. Seriously addicted here.

So glad to hear Rich is feeling a little better! Hugs to you both!

Damie said...

I wish I could make Rich a cheesecake just for him. I am smiling that he has not thrown up today. xxxxooooo

Train-This said...

I am in for an experiment. And I am with you on Lululemon. If you were my size I could get it for you for 30% off. You are much smaller.

Way to go Rich. DAMN awesome!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Glad Rich seems to be feeling okay. Hope that continues. And I've never understood the fascination with Chicago popcorn and why people will stand in line for hours outside of Garretts for caramel and cheese popcorn.

And I am obsessed with Lululemon. It is becoming an expensive habit.

Heidi Austin said...

Stbx or caribou? Why didn't I think of that?? I think I spend more on coffee than food! Let me know how it works out lol... Glad that rich is feeling better. Have a good week!!!

Beth said...

OHHHH!!! The first thing that you mentioned on your list of things that bug you - ME TOOOO. That just drives me insane. Seriously, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Praying that Rich's gut starts to work soon. Hoping the nausea stays at bay. Keep smiling Julia - you guys will get through!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Keep your sense of humor going. I know, i really should not have laughed about the getting the sunshine comment on 3rd floor but that was funny. You are doing a great job of trying to keep everything moving forward despite some big obstacles in your way. Keep it up!

Ange said...

Just catching up with others after my trip away....
I hope Rich is doing ok. It's great today was so nice and you could get outside! that's great.
curious about what lululelmon is..going to check that out.
Hope tomorrow is a great day for you..

Mama Simmons said...

I'll be a part of that coffee experiment, although we don't have caribou here? So just starbucks for me please.
Sorry it's so cold there to ride. I'll think of you in january when I start riding again in my sleeveless jerseys. Yes, I cut the sleeves off of just about ALL my jerseys so I always go sleeveless (unless it's a bike race). Nice, huh? :)

Charisa said...

Hang in there! I hope Rich is doing well today. Caribou - I miss Caribou!!!! Have some for me please :)