Sunday, May 02, 2010

Birthdays are SWEET!

CUPCAKES! ( that should be the end of this blog post but I talk too much so.. sorry)

So birthday friday fell on recovery week. I could get used to that. I always am amazed at how good i feel post race....for about 48 hours. Then i feel like crap.
Yes welcome to your mid-40's. All you peeps with "40" looming it really isnt that bad but for me at least I find that I have to listen and listen more to my body in the recovery period.

It isnt bad, and it is actually quite a nice thing but I think working this week was a heck of a lot more tiring than racing:)

And considering that I did indulge a few times ( daily) in the fruits of the vine, and in some tasty treats that i dont usually indulge in ( daily) ....when you live in the home HQ of International Dairy Queen and you get free blizzards it is a crime to not get them, right? In my defense we got two ( I had to share with Rich) but we actually didnt even eat them all bc I wanted to try The banana cream pie flavor. Nasty, laffy taffy artificial banana flavor, thank you very little. I will go back to my favorite Hawaiian or Butterfinger next time.

See this is all good recovery nutrition?:) I did have a massage mid-week and i have been doing all my shoulder PT exercises. That is another post for another day but i am still having some soreness and may go get a cortisone shot to boost me along. I have had one in my other shoulder from tennis, and it was fine. But in a nutshell I have a Serratus A, a lower trap and a mid trap on my left side that are asleep and my elevated scapula ( shoulder blade) makes for some nice impingement and a bit of an overactive pec and levator. ( that was for Damie and Heidi) So....TRX is out till i can stop winging. And therefore my muffin top ( my cupcake top) isnt getting much work lately. My goal is to get back to a functional non winging Scapula and then TRX mid summer. ( And my other goal is to try to have some sort of prupose to this post???) hahaha too late.
I thought about a bullet point post but decided that free flow writing is more fun!
For me, at least.

So here are a few more pics my sister took:
Since i have been riding here in full spring gear ( ie no skin exposed) and running with gloves in the am ( tho bare legs i can say that is good) I miss the heat. Seriously. I think i want to do Buffalo Springs 2011~ !

Just before i am about to lose my race belt! Ha!

I love this one bc of the feet in the air, it looks a bit...ODD?

This pic is of our wave. I can tell ( i think) that is me with the head sighting out about 2-3rd person. My sister said " that isnt you, you are swimming so high!" and I know that first leg I was sigthing alot bc it was a bit wavey and I know the men had over corrected. So i think that was me:)

So back to birthdays...oh yea, that is what the post was about.
I had a great week, minimal training, lots of sleeping after tuesday and this friday was my 44th bday! Woohoo, 45-49 here i come ( next year). I had a mellow friday, didnt work much at all, hung out, it was wet but about 68 and kinda humid. Swam with my buddy Steve, met Rich and Steve for fun laughs at coffee. June, my awesome Nina's coffee cafe sponsor, was there so i got some free coffee and some free apple fritters ( see, good recovery nutrition) and we laughed so hard my belly hurt. Rich is doing better, he is still healing but has less incision pain, unless we laugh about old episodes of the OFFICE and the likes. or Park's and Rec, that is another hilarious Amy Poehler comedy.

Then i had needles, = acupuncture and then it was nearly time to go to an early dinner with my family at my parents. No pics, but lets just say the Opah and Salmon were great, Ruby got some loving, my mom showed us how she can roll her walker as if she barely needs it, and the nephews ( 6yo and 4yo) fell prey to our little prank.

We told them uncle Rich had been in the hospital for some surgery and that he often has to fart alot when he is eating. We asked them to please not laugh, and to not make uncle Rich feel bad about this issue he had. So we put the box under Rich's chair and had at it. OMG it lasted about 30 seconds before i was cracking up so loud. They had no idea, but when i put the box under Joe's chair it got really funny. I finally had to show them the box since i think they thought Rich had some farting ventroloquist abilities, and after that we had to promise that they may get one for Xmas. My sister in law was a bit afraid that we would send it home with them!

So, birthday's, laughter, recovery, farting. All go hand in hand at our house:)
Hope spring has sprung for everyone, congrats to all those racing big and small events, and thanks for reading my random posts.


Damie said...

Hey girl- Happy 44!!!! Yea!!!!!! You know, at the ripe old age of 32, I am starting to understand that with every year, the recovery is different even if our hearts and motivation are the same. It is gals like you that help me strive to improve. Ha ha on the SA- you know, I have weak SA and people sometimes mistake my winging for muscle and don't realize it is huge weakness. I can't even isolate my SA for a real SA wall push. Again, happy, happy birthday. cheers to you and hope that shoulder comes around.

Running and living said...

You are such a young 44 - not that 44 is old, but you are just younger:)
Those cupcakes look amazing! Happy Bday!

Beth said...

Woo-hoo!! 44 is gonna be an awesome year for you, I can tell. ;)

I LOVE the fart machine!! NICE! Oh and I definitely think it's illegal to not go get blizzards when they are free. Recovery nutrition at it's finest - think of all the protein! ;)

Marit C-L said...

YES YES - happy birthday and HOORAY for cupcakes! :) Looks like it was a great day. Fun race pics - the wetsuit stripping one is awesome :) And seriously - who doesn't have their own farting machine?!?

Glad that my name wasn't in the tags next to 'fart' this time. hee hee hee.

Michelle Simmons said...

That's hysterical about the farting machine!

Glad you had such a fun birthday weekend!!!

Kim said...

i love how you were getting your wetsuit off. hilarious! happy happy birthday! you deserve every delicious cupcake your stomach can handle!

Angela and David Kidd said...

D*mn. Now I reallt want a cupcake. So glad you had such a great birthday.

Love the farting joke. Totally something my family would pull.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Oh, those cupcakes look good! Joey has a fart machine too, and was having so much fun with it that it had to be put away where he couldn't find it.

Trigirlpink said...

Wow.. You look FIT FIT FIT... love those cupcakes and I LOVE Laffy Taffy, banana- LOVE it. I'm so bad.. the junkier the candy.. the better.

Rebecca DeWire said...

You look super fast in that running pic! And that fart machine joke is hilarious.

Heidi Austin said...

oooh cupcakes those look delicious! thanx for the PT lingo-those darn winging scapulas...Hope ya can fix that imbalance and strengthen up your RC :) hope your bday was awesome!

Libby said...

thanks so much for the comment, feels better coming from another PT! I do the same thing when I'm a patient, act like I'm clueless and enjoy letting someone else figure me out :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! looks like you had an excellent recovery week, thats the perfect time for yummy indulgences so enjoy every blizzard/cupcake-licious second of it! good luck with the shoulder, I have the same crappy sleeping SA and low trap too. winging scapulae are beautiful lol...