Saturday, May 08, 2010

Quick Race Report: Jump to it 10k

So besides telling you all the average temps and wind speeds and windchills and all that crap. Lets just say I was relieved to wake up at 6am and see no snow on the ground. The ground was wet, but there was no slushy accumulation as our needy attention grabber meteorologists wanted us to believe. Losers. Like alot of media, the meteorologists are hopping on the "shock" bandwagon that their anchors have been doing for years. Ok anyways...

It was still dang cold. 37 when i got up with a windchill ( Thanks Canada) making it feel like 31.
Humidity 80%. So yup, that is some nice moist cold air.

Race was a smaller one, and not sure if it was sanctioned or not. When i got there they were still setting up and so i hung out with the heat blasting and waited for the organizers to look...well..organized. Warmed up ( running that is) lost a few layers and started to get ready to race. The porta potties were NOT unlocked so that was kinda funny, people were freaking out.
If you ran about 800 Yards there was a nice bathroom near the lake but apparently that was too far for some. And eventually they got them open so people didnt have to move. The only way i even got sorta warm was moving so that made no sense to me.

I lined up close to the front near a woman that looked like i should run near her. I just decided she looked fast, and she had a run n fun jersey on so i knew she was a real runner. My plans for this race were in the words of "You know who," SUFFER. And actually in my head suffering for 40 + minutes really didnt sound like that big of a deal. But when the gun went off and i was in the hurt locker about 1/2 mile in, all the sudden it was a total mind game. Yes I was in the pain locker from mile 1. Sadly my gloved and cold hands did not allow me to take the laps i had wanted, and the course had mile markers but no splits. So here is my best guess....
Mile 1 6:25-6:30. oops a bit too fast. But then again i figured wth, just see how long you go before you BLOW.UP.

Mile 2 13:15. That is more like it. about a 6:45. That i think i can hold. maybe.

5k turn around 21.11....and back i go up a hill ( they said it was flat!) and into the wind ( yup I guess you get wind when you run around a lake, dumbo)

By this point i have the tall fast lady in my sight but she is gapping me, and a little thing ran with me for a few miles and then i told her to go get "her." And she did. At this point i am hearing loud breathing guy totally on my heels DRAFTING off of me. In my slipstream. Loser. So i moved over so he could repay the favor and he moved over to stay in my slipstream. Loser again.

Mile 4...things are getting ugly and i know i looked at my watch but mile 4 in a 10k is always super hard. Back in my 20s when i ran more i remember that mile 4 was like T1 for me, it is easy to get sidetracked and have a tea party. So i tried REALLY hard to keep hurting and to keep pushing, even tho I was in the wind on the open side of the lake. And i had drafter man behind me. Split...?? 27.?? I just know i was under 28.

I dont do math well midway in a 10k, so i thought i could just figure 7's and know i wanted to be under...7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 ( well the 42 one doesnt really make sense at that point in the race) but you get the idea. Race pacing for dummies.

Mile 5.. 34.?? We are finally back on the path where the surface is nice, there is a "bit" less wind and i have 1 mile to go. Well, there is that 2/10 thing at the end, but I know that i will be done in less than 10 minutes. And that last mile i ran as HARD as I COULD.

For those of you that know me, or have run with me you know i dont make any noise. I was a breathing machine from mile 1. you could hear me coming. This could have been the cold air or maybe it was my effort. I sorta wished i had my HR monitor on but i am actually glad i didnt, too much distraction.

So i ran my heart out, I dont remember that last mile at all. I just know we had to pass by the finish ( evil) and then come around the park and finish. I saw the clock as i turned the corner and saw 42:10 and knew i had to haul A$$ to get to the finish under 42:30. And i did.
42:29 by my watch. I think their watch said 42:30.

I made the kid take my chip off. That was funny. He said " I need your chip. " I said "Great, you go down there ( my ankle) and take it off. That would be FANTASTIC!" And he kinda looked at me like i was crazy. Which maybe at that point i was.

Last year's 10k ( the one) I ran 7's on an easier course. So today i think it was 6:51's. Pretty darn happy with that since my speedwork this year has been pretty poor. Oh wait I havent done any.
Ha, be careful what i wish for!

Stay warm all you midwesterners. If there is a cold streak and its 38 degrees in Kansas I am SO going to do well there:) But lets hope its sunny and 80:)


Beth said...

Great race Julia!! 10Ks hurt so bad! And I was laughing when you said how loud you were running. In running races I swear you could hear my breathing from 10 miles away!! :) Wishing you some warm weather!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Nice work! Looks like you had a nice stay in the hurt locker. You are tougher than me - I wimped out with our cold temps and hit the trainer instead of riding in Madison.

Michelle Simmons said...

That's awesome!! My goal was to SUFFER today too. That's the perfect goal for these little road races. Nicely done! :)

Melissa said...

Hey Hey speedy lady! Great race!

cheryl said...

nice job speedy Julia!!!!

would you please take your cold weather back now ;-)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Good job on your 10k! What do you mean you haven't done any speed work, silly girl??? :)

Marit C-L said...

YEA!!!! Great job Julia - 10ks are TOUGH. That guy should have grown a pair and returned the favor. Ugh. Very solid - especially this early on! YEA!!! Wow...that weather is, well, awful. Sorry about that - but like you said, any cold-ish race with a windchill...and you've got it in the bag.

jennabul said...

Great job, Julia! Sorry about the weather though, it's May! Oh well, here's hoping you get some warmer weather soon. And sub 7min on a 10k? Awesome!

Damie said...

awesome, awesome race!!! I had no clue you were such a fast runner! I knew you were a bike machine, but dern, girl, you have it all!!! Great, great race!!!!

Rebecca DeWire said...

Congrats and way to stay tough for the whole race. That 10K sounded painful.

Running and living said...

That is an awesome time, on a hilly (I learned not to trust them when they say a course is flat) and windy course. The wind is worse than the hills, I think (after today's windy race)

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice work! Yeah, I agree - mile 4 sucks!!

Way to go!

Melissa said...

"Mile 4 was like T1 for me, it is easy to get sidetracked and have a tea party."

This is such a good analogy. I totally agree.

Ange said...

Congrats Julia!!! that's Awesome!!!!! 10ks Are HaRD! Oh man..we are having the SAME FREEZING WEATHER!!!! BRRRRRRR!
stay warm and excellent race!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Good job! I think I would've bagged given the weather conditions. I'm signed up for a 10k this weekend that I was hoping to run with Maddy, but in TP Jen has me actually RACING the thing. Uh oh. She even wants me to warm up!