Thursday, May 06, 2010

I Miss Texas...

And being warm! Geesh. It's way to early for mental drama on the weather but when i hear its 95 in NC and its barely 50 here, with snow flurries forecast for the weekend I just want to curl up and ...pack my bags.

I had a trainer wko today. Jen said i could go outside and do it, so i did. I wore:
Hat, winter gloves ( which made my fumbling with the computer likely comical and made my fingers freeze), long tights, two jerseys and my winter jacket. I didnt use toe booties but i could have. And all the while i was thinking..."Wonder if it will be hot in Kansas in June?" Worst thing is that i started feeling icky and kinda cold like. I have been around alot of sick people this week, sadly my dad being one of them, and since my mom cant drive and my dad is sick i did alot of parent transport to appts. And to MD offices. And around sick people. Sigh. As happy as i am to do this I keep thinking "When will i get sick now?" knock on wood. i was riding and feeling chilled i thought "Would you be feeling this way if the sun were on your back and it was 20 degrees warmer?" NO! I think its just that temperature change that affects me or our bodies. Out of a hot ( well 82, sorry Michelle!) pool, and then onto a cold bike. My body does NOT like these temperature changes and the the claminess just sets in.

And to make matters better ( not) dont you ever wish you had a month off? :) I wont elaborate.

So...I miss Texas and am keeping my fingers crossed that my nice spring 10k saturday does not include the flurries and high 30 degree temps they have forecast. But if it does, well it does. And trust me, this is not about "oh no i need to train in heat so i can race better in heat. " Its mainly about wanting to be warm!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, I skipped the cortisone shot thankfully and seem to be doing ok with the shoulder and the SA, even after butterfly and IM yesterday!


Beth said...

Glad the shoulder is feeling better!!! Now if only we could order you up some warmer weather. UGH! Come visit me in Pittsburgh! (although not this weekend when it's supposed to be in the low 50s and raining :)

Running and living said...

What, snow? We are "only" getting rain, though the temps are great here, ran in a sports bra and shorts this morning:) Glad the shoulder is doing well, and good luck on Saturday. A PR, I think so!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I hear you! I am riding in Madison this weekend and it's going to be cold. I just want to be hot. Is that too much to ask?

Melissa said...

Ugh. Shouldn't it be spring yet in MN? I don't know how you guys do it.

It's going to be perfect weather for Kansas this year, I just know it! It was great last year, not too hot, not too cold...and sunny. And fun.

Good to hear the shoulder is getting better! And for the record, having a few months off is really nice, but I have a feeling after 9 it's going to be messy (assuming I got your comment correct).


Good Luck this weekend!

cheryl said...

eat the last cupcake, it should make you forget about the cold..... for a few minutes :-(

Michelle Simmons said...

I guess I have to admit that I'll take my 86 degree water if it means 86 degree air too. I'm sorry you guys are still dealing with such cold misery.

Good luck on Saturday!!!

runningyankee said...

come down any time! there is more than enough sweat to go around... good luck on sat :) i think you should go for a whole cake. why screw around with the little stuff?

Anonymous said...

SOOO COLD! My body doesn't like the temp changes either, from warm to cold. And 82 degree pools are hot when it's 80+ degrees outside or inside for that matter. GO GET EM' during your 10K this weekend :).