Saturday, October 06, 2007

This is a really cool photo that my honey took at Iron Girl. I hate the first leg of a duathlon. I never feel totally warmed up, and in this case we had to wait around about 20 minutes since the roads werent ready/closed yet for the bike leg. But better to be safe and to wait, and the Bloomington Police did a really great job stopping sunday church traffic. So it was worth waiting.
Thanks!!! It was worth having a harder 1st run so that I could rocket down Normandale Blvd on GOGO and not worry about some church lady driving into me.


S1 said...

Julia, love the colors and pictures. Yup, every pic can be blown to big huge proportions, every detail can be scrutinized :) Your blog will be a fun way to start off the day :)

Anonymous said...

What happened to the great pic of your honey?

GoBigGreen said...

I had to take it down, stay tuned, there will be more.