Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Halloween is coming...

Funny thing is that i have no idea who these kids are. Does anyone want to claim them?

They must be somebodies kids or to rephrase that, "somebody I know sent me this picture and I should try to figure out who they belong to." And no, i don't mean they are siblings. kinda doubt that. But it makes me think back to what was my favorite costume as a kid.

One year Leslie and Carrie and I dressed up as Huey, Duey and Louie. Flippers and all. We didn't plan too well... webbed footing in a neighborhood where houses have long driveways and aren't on city blocks (their 'hood) not mine, may hamper our efforts to fill the pillowcase with massive quantity of candies. I think the next year we returned to urban trick or treating ( my 'hood) and wore running shoes and covered miles and miles on foot. Good cross training at an early age.

So what was your favorite costume? And most importantly, what was your favorite candy that you would TRADE all others for? Let me help you with this one, for example: "One butterfinger can be traded for 2 twizzlers and 3 sweet-tarts...or...one Reeses Peanut Butter Cup (single or half of the full sized) can be traded for 1 milky way and 1 snickers." and I dont mean those puney one bite ones, I mean the original mini's. Raisins of course were nasty and usually got thrown into the trash.

And best of all, I know that even today most of us would still trade candy like this if we could.

So if kids dont really even trick or treat anymore like we did, they get to eat all that candy and not walk or run miles to earn it. Hmm...that is kinda sad.

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Anonymous said...

Snickers for me.
I will trade all my butterfingers, for a snicker or two!

Costumes: Over the last few years I have been a black cat. The cat costume seems to fit my body type and personality. However, I plan to go as a GW cheerleader to the Red Barn race on Saturday. I plan to get some orange pom poms, and wear my high school cheer leader jacket. And yes, it still fits me. The question remains if it fits my body type and personality today? I will have to try it out (the costme, and persona) and see. GO GW GO GO GO! Now I have to find an orange skirt! PS: I will miss you at the race! Have a good time with Honey at the wedding!