Sunday, October 21, 2007


Honey likes to go to Sam's. Usually I scoff at the fact that i dont see how you can support local farmers and local businesses if you buy things bulk. Plus I dont need 8 boxes of cereal and i usually just buy stuff i dont need. BUT...this particular trip to Sam's (that i didnt go on) was very beneficial to me, and to my blog. Honey got me a sweet little camera. It is pink and nearly smaller than my cell phone so i can easily lose it in one of my many bike jersey pockets.

So, stay tuned i hope to have some more pics to share as we head into winter. Maybe me on my trainer? or GOGO looking sad that her TT'ing for the winter is on hold.

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S1 said...

Supporting local is always the best but so is supporting the honey so I guess you gotta go :) Start snapping away and put something up that you like.