Saturday, October 13, 2007

Images of Summer...Lupin.

I love Lupin. It always makes me feel happy and it reminds me of the cabin. We used to have a huge lot of it in our driveway and i remember feeling just awful when we would run over it as we backed up. Now it seems it is everywhere along the highway so I dont feel so bad about my poor driving. Better to hit the Lupin than the light post. I have done that, too.

And a big old tree. Honey labeled it "Obese tree." Sad that we are so used to obesity in our daily lives that you walk down the street and see so many overweight kids. And now we dont even mean to be flippant, but without even searching for it we start to see it in nature. huh?

Ok that was a stretch. But this tree is kind of odd looking isnt it?


Anonymous said...

The magic of color. Last I checked your blog the background was greenish/blue, and now it is indigo. If you were wearing a mood ring, what color would it be?

GoBigGreen said...

Sherry i think you are color blind, I havent changed the backround. But the first post i ever did had greenish tints in the leaves...never really trusted those mood rings you know.. the magic 8 ball, now that is the way to go:)
Thanks for reading.
Hope Cha is ok after the pileup.

Anonymous said...

I better go tested for color blindness. I wonder if I can get drugs if I am positive!
Cha is fine. His bike is not.

S1 said...

I didn't know this was called lupin, now i know thanks. That tree looked like it ate a very big mouse. Sorry about Charlie's bike.

GoBigGreen said...

Linda, yes Lupin. "Loop-in"
It is awesome.. I have seen pink and pastel pink/white shades. It must thrive in cool sunny places. I havent seen it in the cities, hopefully it can stay as an up north treat. thanks for reading, both of you, S and L.