Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I found some pics of the Fed from a few years back at the Pacific Life tournament in Indian Wells, CA. I am glad he has refined his wardrobe and has gone back to a more conservative Nike look. The blue shoes are kinda cool, it looks like he has blue shoe covers like we ride in, doesnt it?
If you EVER get a chance to see him play in person, do it. His skills are a cross between fine ballet, chess, and an aerodynamically perfect time trialist. It looks so easy and it is so beautiful to watch him create angles that you never thought were there. The guy could teach geometry at Andre's school in Vegas when he retires. Then again he has a lifetime contract with Wilson so i think he may not need to work.
I just wonder what it feels like to play against him. Patrick McEnroe has this great gig he does in which he puts Roger's opponents in a "zoo" like fun house. It is called "The Federer Fun House." And Roger just toys with them. It must not be too fun to be a pro and have Patrick make fun of you.
Last, if you are lucky you can also see our friend Al Trautwig comment on tennis matches, especially the US open. I have yet to decide which sport he knows less about, tennis or cycling, but he tends to grate on viewers either way after 14 days.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
Oh thanks so much for "fixing" the blog so that Ms. Anonynous can comment.

First off, I love the blog. The pics are great. I would like to see a pic of you playing tennis, perhaps one taken from when you played for Dartmouth or better yet High School. And what fashion did Julia adorn? Pink tennis shoes?
Gopher Love, Sherry

GoBigGreen said...

Back in the day they didnt have digital stuff but i will see what i can find:) And as for fashion sense I think i had the worst farmers tan and looked like a boy in high school. No pink for me back then.
thanks for reading, sherry.

S1 said...

Federer is a beautiful athelete I agree. I hope he sees your blog and you get a personal message from him. I'd like to see those pics of you too :)