Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Does anyone remember Memorial Day 2007? I do. Honey and i got to spend an extra day at the cabin after the fantastic racing (Thanks Tone) in Duluth, Wrenshall and Cloquet. We loved the Munger Inn and hangin' with Sara and Brian, Jess and Dan and Malte (we miss you) and meeting Cheryl and Amy was awesome. Remember those dudes that were hogging the grill? And Malte got adopted by some family bc he looked so tired and hungry? Jules shacked up at the nicer bunks at the Radisson but she still hung with us that night.

This was my first ever crit and i was really scared. Luckily I learned fast that to be safe i needed to either be in the front or in the back. When it started raining i decided to hang in the back with Sarah. I miss Sarah, she is pretty cool for a junior. But now she is in college so she really cant be called a junior anymore and she had better upgrade with me so i have a "teammate."
Look at that water. At least it wasnt frozen. I do remember it was really cold up there for all the racing that weekend. Look at what we are wearing!
There goes Sara, racing the 16 wheelers again. At least she is doing it on a closed course and not on federal freeways. Sara can TT but she just does it on the track. IF she ever came to blackdog i think she would give everyone an eye opener.
And you know, I dont know for sure but i think that is our friend S1. I dont know what the finish was for the cat 3 women. I was just amazed that they actually looked like they were working together and it made me realize as a cat 4 I had ALOT to learn about crits.


Anonymous said...

Yep that is S1, notice how low she is when she sprints! Aero as always.

Anonymous said...

PS: Nice pic of you and the honey.