Monday, October 08, 2007

Funny thing is that i dont really know what i am doing on this blog thing but i am having fun making it up as i go along. I intend to do a recap of summer highlights both on and off the bike so be patient. I may be posting about April 2007 in November~!
Jules isnt my sister but she almost has my name and she could be my sister. My other sister lives in Houston, TX and I wish she lived closer. 3 of us in a race could prove to be fun, motivational and successful. I guess my parents gave us some good genes, Thanks mom and dad.
Elizabeth did the IronGirl and got 2nd in her age group. She doesnt even train and she does that. How cool is that? She rides her heavy mtb to work everyday (and thank God she was about 10 minutes past the 35W bridge collapse that sad day August 1) So maybe she thinks everyone in her age group is slow... and all the "fast people" stayed home...but ya know, she showed up and on that day, she was the 2nd fastest. Best of all she had fun and she will hopefully do more races next season.
I will try to find a pic of my sister Heide. (notice the "e" not an "i"in her name) She rocks on the run and before she had the kid "chippy" she did Kona. Now that is totally cool. Well I think it is, some people think it is crazy. The kid, by the way, is pretty cool himself. He is 9 yo and just got a role in the "Christmas Carol" so they cant come home for the holidays. But i am really proud of him. He is hilarious, and this thing he does with his eyebrows, is too funny. He will be on Broadway one day, that is my bet. I will miss him this Christmas. Sitting in my parents sun-room engrossed in a book or playing some game with "Olive."
I have more nephews and they will show up in other posts. They live nearby so i get to giggle and hug them more and laugh at "Front of the Bus, Back of the Bus.." and hear all about "Back-Packs" and "Spiderman." That was for you, Lee. One nephew, the 5 yo, is already hitting balls from the baseline.
I better start playing again.

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