Saturday, December 26, 2009

Family Holiday!

Well..where to has been a whirlwind, but isnt it always?
The xmas week got off to a good start but as many of you midwesterners know it had the added element of SNOW STORM. Actually it was pretty tame and other than the fact that my little old volvo has such low clearance that i couldnt even get out of the garage thursday morning ( had ot go meet the sisters Mairs for some pool fun..) it all worked out since i could bring Rich to work and then use his car.
So cookies were made, homemade caramel rolls were made, workouts were done, etc...
My parents have Xmas eve every year and so this year 36 strong we served up the usual suspects of many cheesy casseroles, lots of great salad in a wooden bowl that weighs about as much as my nephew, and then the Beef Tenderloin.
For those of you that like it rare, you are invited. We ( my dad) struggles each year with the proper temp of the oven and each year the thing is quivering when it is DONE. Ha! I think next year we are having honeybaked ham! Less stress and less general anxiety over the DONE-ness of the beef. a lovely meal no matter what and all with cousins and nephews and neices..all in all we had 10 boys ( 8 under the age of 16) and finally a little gal ( kaia, who is almost a year!) and all my cousins and aunts and uncles. My uncle Geordie now uses a walker and came in the back since there are fewer stairs. He came right in ( carrying the walker! LOL) and walked by my brother and said "Get me a beer!" We are so glad he came to visit with all of us!

In addition we had the lovely Heide and my nephew ( her son) Chippy. Chippy was sadly banned from FB before he left from Houston and was most ecstatic to have a wall charger lent to him bc he left his at home. "tant pis" is all Heide had to say. And last night he broke the FB ban and now has double fines ( but tells me it was worth it. ) Whoa to be in 6th grade and in love.
I asked "why didnt you just call her?" "aunt Julia, it was 2 in the morning. Plus her dad took her phone away." hmm...I am thinking my life in 6th grade was pretty nice without an answerwing machine and without a computer!

Rich and I got into the holiday spirit hanging in the kitchen. It was time to pull out the Norwegian Sweater!
Here is the midnight FB'er with my dad:) His Gran daddy.

Ruby and her favorite gift. it Squeeks of course.

Xmas day came way too soon and Rich and i both got in a short workout, me running in balmy 36 degree weather and near rain. Other than the plows nearly drenching me and some added shovel time it was a great way to get outside. Rich got an early gift from Coach Troy ( and me) and started his ascent of Mt. Lemmon on Xmas morning. He didnt quite get to Windy pass but was excited to feel the road:) And off to brunch back at my parents. WE picked up my other sister since her Volvo was too low to get thru the deep wet snow as well.
Norwegian Sweater # 2.
Chippy tried out Aunt Elizabeth's snowshoes and showed why he is a True Texan.
Tennis shoes and no socks.

My brother's boys came over and busted into the Xmas tree area. and the pace of the morning accelerated tenfold. All good,they are both well behaved and really really make Xmas fun for me since i dont have kids. I love to see how excited they are while still trying to keep it simple.
Here is Will with his top picks of the day.
A Golden Retriever Webkin and Yes, ladies and Gents, a disco globe. I guess in his class they had a new years eve party and the teacher had a rotationg disco globe. My brother was relieved he didnt want any tight spandex pants or Dancing with the Stars DVD's. Yet.
Rich got what he always wanted from my brother and sister in law.
A Pony.
And from me. a New wheel. I have had a disc for a year and i think plans to bury me in the TT's next summer. So i had to get him one with a nice note saying:
"I love you Merry Xmas.
BRING IT." HAAHAHA ...i didnt but you know i was thinking it:)

Chuck went on the fridge and I wont make any more comments on that one.
And just so you dont think that Rich and I only spoil 82+ YO dad got back in the action as well. My dad used to ride his bike all over MSP to my tennis matches. He had a Brown Schwinn 3 speed. I am not sure he thinks he needs 21 speeds but I know he is going to love this bike. No toe cages so he can get his feet down fast, but as long as he is still playing tennis he has the reaction time and the H-Eye coordination to ride this bad boy around the hood to the Y and to coffee! Cant wait for the snow to melt dad!
And just bc i love this, it is the top of the tree. Ok it isnt a star and hopefully you arent offended that we give Golden's the top of the tree status. it is just too much fun to not share it!
Below is last year but i just love the picture of my sisters. I am so lucky to have sisters and I wish Heide lived here, not Houston.

Puerto Vallarta, 2008
We were going to go to mexico in january 2010. But we are going to the Mayo Clinic instead.
Christmas was good, and 2010 is going to be wonderful, healthy and I am so thankful for all my friends and family! Thank you!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its starting to look a lot like Christmas....

She is going to need a name...but for now she is resting comfortably in the pine scent of the Christmas tree...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My shopping list

What's wrong with this picture on a friday at 5pm?

Nothing other than I am going to a party in about 1.5 hours and I used indeliable ink.
I always write things on my hands. Always have, always will.
So with a bit of luck and some tough love to my already dry skin we were back in business.

So while my better half was still strutting in front of the mirror getting ready ( Ok who out there is ready before their spouse's or partners? come clean. I was giving him a hard time bc why does it always seem that the women get a bad rap for being the ones who take a long time to get ready??) He did have a bow tie so i gave him some extra time ( 5 min) for that:)
I killed time pretending to pose for some fashionista magazine, but instead just realized how MN pale we all are. The red jacket is awesome. It was my mom's and has a matching skirt. Totally Audrey Hepburn. Other than my mom is 5 foot 8 and neither of us is petite and brunette nor do we smoke those long cigarette things and say "Dahling."

So we were off to the annual Snowball party at the St Paul Hotel. Some friends started this event about 10 + years ago bc our parents used to always have Black tie events at the holidays and they wanted to start a tradition. It is a really fun event and the hosts are so gracious to keep on doing it year after year. But my has it grown!

Tho the party goes till 1 am we like to have a nice dinner at the St Paul Grill and then get to the party by 9pm so we can actually talk to people and not have to yell. That lasts until about 10 pm when i start to yawn, my feet start to hurt and i cant hear myself talk. Last night we were home by 11. Not that it wasnt fun, it was, friday nights are rough tho and Rich works a long week so by friday night our norma MO is movie and pizza or something easy like that.

I did take it upon my self to have the annual martini. OH it was good. I am glad i only had one. The 2nd one doesnt feel so good in the middle of the night. But the martini, coupled with a lovely tuna dinner hit the spot. Here we are leaving the grill. Looks like my speedo bikini top is a bit visible. oops. There is a funny story to that dress but lets just say this: It is a speedo type cross back. And a high neck in front. Only thing is that when i tried it on at the store I loved it. and the salesperson said " You have it on backwards." SERIOUSLY? People wear this thing with the speedo cross back in the front? not me. Super comfy cashmere. I like it backwards!

Happy holidays everyone.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pink Glove Video

A co worker just sent this to me. Awesome!
I will think of this as I walk the halls at Mayo in a few weeks!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is what you look like after you take all your top garmets off. And yes I wore this to work last week UNDER my work clothing.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What to do when it is snowing..and some advice for Roger.

What about think about what to do when it is NOT snowing. Now really I do like winter, sort of. I have grown to like it less and less mostly bc I really do not like being cold. I think that one of the most empowering moments I had in my entire life was when I realized that I could actually turn the heat up at our house. When i grew up we used to wear down vests and hats around. IT was just how it was. Nobody really grumbled ( I am sure i did) but when you are young you just adapt. I do remember studying under quilts in bed. My parents still live in the house ( fondly called THE COLD HOUSE) and really it is cold. Big old Victorian house, that is cold in the summer even, so that is one plus. I think It was when I was living at home AFTER college, so yes this really is some arrested development in my growth and ability to take risks I would say. And finally my mom and I said "To heck with it..lets turn the heat up."


Wow. That was easy. And it actually warmed up. A little.
So now that I am in a house where the heat is on, and the house is a bit newer I am realizing alot of what i didnt like about winter was being cold and to live here I have a blank check when it comes to buying things that help me stay warm. This means workout gear and chemical heaters. I dont feel like I have to save those puppies, bc If I have a 1-2 hour ride with warm hands and toes ( or actually they are never warm, they are always GETTING COLDER...the chemical heaters just make it a bit more comfortable) it is worth it. AND....
For anyone who is going to use the chemical hand warmers...if you dont use them for 4-5 hours they can be reused. Put them in a baggie and get all the air out and seal it up really tight. I only do this if I know i have a shorter ride bc I dont want to risk them running out of JUICE mid ride. The toe and foot warmers are not that great IMO but they do help make your toes go numb and maybe that is better than frostbite.

Since at some point i need to figure out my 2010 plans I will post a few options and anyone that has advice, or thoughts on potential races feel free to advise....

January U of MN swim meet, where Jen will have me swim every event including a relay, even if i dont have anyone to swim a relay with.

February: Hope it isnt leap year bc 28 days is long enough.

March: Tucson Tri camp. Followed by extended camp at Rich's mom's in Green Valley.

April: Lonestar 70.3 ( maybe) end of April. Sister Heide lives in Houston so this is a likely race but I am too chicken to sign up since i cant imagine riding my bike on a trainer for 4 hours to get ready for this.

May: ? Wait for the snow to be gone. SAD. SAD. SAD. Go visit Kari and Kate if this is the case.

June: Kansas 70.3 That yellow brick road was too enticing.

July: Minneman on July 4th, local fun sprint that Rich may do:)
Perhaps Qualify for AG NATZ at a race in Iowa. I was hoping there was a qualie in MN so i wouldnt have to drive and sleep in Iowa. Sorry, I just would rather race closer to home. So that is a big maybe.

August: Firehouse 50 TT and Best of Both Road Race ( run) the next day. I can only dream winning another trophy as big as me, so that my nephews can each have one and no fighting over the 2009 BOB trophy.

Sept: Go volunteer and sign up for IMOO with some other people. KATE?! Have nightmares about this already, well not nightmares, but some nights when i struggle to run 6 miles that day I say "AM I INSANE?"

Perhaps AG NATZ?

Oct : TCM 10 Miler.

November: Be super happy I am not racing in November. Hats off to anyone who really wants to race in November but in all truth, Ick. I am struggling to get thru October and riding my bike in the fall is FAR more exciting to me than trying to get into OW and trying to Stay On It this late. I would like to go to Clearwater, but I realized the only reason i wanted to go to Clearwater was bc everyone else goes ( well not everyone) but it would be nice to say I have DONE IT. But really it sounds like i would be happier just doing a race for the right reasons for me. Not bc I feel left out!

I am also interested in the Rev 3 races, but living in MN its obvious that most of the races are well over 8 hours from me. Driving is preferred, travel on the airlines with the bikes just annoys me. Delta/ just is evil when it comes to STEALING our money. I get all worked up thinking about my hometown airline. Yes how nice you are. ...NOT.

I have lots of other ideas, but I like to think that I am young to this sport. I will have one more year in the 40-44 ag, and then will age up to 45-49 so who says that 45-49 cant be super fun and full of new adventures as well. All you peeps who are so dreading 40....well..that is another post for another day. My life took so many GREAT turns when i turned 40 and I am so much happier and fufilled than my 30's that I am excited for you gals!

Hope I am not snowed in wednesday, I still have my trainer bike at the condo and I have some other stuff to do! Drive safe all you midwesterners and cant wait to post some snowy bike pics~!

PS: Many of you know of my respect/awe and admiration ( OK OBSESSION) with The FED.
Some of you may not know that Tiger, A-Rod, and the Fed are in Gillette Commercials together and also Tiger has flown in to watch Roger play some of his bigger matches. I just have a few words for Roger: DONT DO IT. Stay true to Marika and stay true to me. :) Otherwise your picture is coming OFF the refrigerator!

Saturday, December 05, 2009


So I have been thinking alot lately about Who-Ville and little Cindy LooHoo. Random, sort of and sort of not. Of course the holiday season is here and who cant admit that they love seeing the favorites:

Cindy Lou Who, who is no more than 2, hates the Grinch
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman
There is drama, good character development, and the good guys win and Christmas happens.
So why Cindy Loo Hoo?
When i got married I assumed I would change my name. I have no regrets. But at the same time It is weird and somewhat sad to me to lose my middle name AND my last name. When I went to change my license the guy had to literally WALK ME THRU each part saying:
"Ok now write your OLD name..."
"Now sign your NEW name..."
I was shaking, it was very confusing. Yesterday I went to Social Security and I wasnt shaking. So I think i am getting the hang of this and feel a bit less like I am in Whoville?

Today when i changed my FB name I all the sudden thought "OMG, what if someone cant find me?" And on FB of all places! Lol. Of course someone not finding me on FB is hardly my first worry, but it does make me sad that all my peeps who used to call me MAIRS, wont do that anymore. And if i ever wanted to get a butt name on my tri gear it is for sure now going to be JULIA. That is ok, actually.
But in some ways this is fine. I am happy with my new name and obviously more than happy with WHY I have that new name. And as i have gone from being mis-pronounced as
MEYERs or MEIRS or MAVIS ( it is MAIRS but pronounced like the planet MARS)
WEEESBECKER ( it is pronounced WEYEsbecker) it is all fine.
So even if i feel a bit lost like Lucy LooHoo I know who i am.
One funny name change story is that I had to change my USAT name. They wanted a faxed copy of my marriage license. The more i thought about it I suppose I could have said my name is now "Laura Bennett" or "Jennifer Harrison" hahaha. Nope no funny stuff here.

So Why the New Hampshire granite statue in this post?

Well since i am on a tangent anyways...
Dr. Seuss went to Dartmouth. Which made me think of this saying. And did you SoCal peeps know that Theodore Geisel also lived in La Jolla up until his death? Fascinating I know.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What's up?

When Kari emailed me today saying "What's up?" I had to send her the honest answer. At that moment, my front trainer wheel was up. 6 inchs to be exact. And i was finishing my first trainer ride of the year. One hour. Hills. And it wasnt fun. Actually it would have been fun if i hadnt started back to strength yesterday. ( see Marit) Wow. Who would have known that doing lunges, smith machine, and some leg press, all at about 50-75% of the weight I used to do, would put me in the hurt locker. I mean it isnt even 48 hours. Oh yea, good things to come. Great.

So what else is up? Kinda boring after all the great honeymoon pics. But here goes, in no particular order:

-Thanksgiving was great. Lots of good food and company. won a pie. Dont really like pie all that much, so next year I am going to ask if they will bring along cool whip/ or reddi-whip. I like that. Then someone else can have the pie.

-Work is good. Busy. I am starting to teach a balance class for my seniors and I am so excited. They all think they arent "Good enough" to take the class. So we have some learning to do on "That is why you are taking the class."

-MN weather has been SPLENDID. I mean is it really 32 out? and no wind? Well things are brewing and according to the forecast the party is over. Bleck. just means I get to suffer a bit more outside, break out the LAKE winter boots and all the chemical heat warmers. But ya know. I am still riding outside, if the windchill is too low then no, but gotta get out.

- Beets. I love them. There are so many pretty colors in them, I got a kind that when you cut it it looked like a candy cane. I roast them with some sea salt and olive oil, and they are ranking up there with the roasted Kale. Sadly I could eat an entire plate of each of these which leads to...

-Both Rich and I have had stomach aches at night. Not sure why, but likely do to the above.
He has to watch what he is eating and not eat too many veggies/fiber. But he can eat pudding, and lots of satiey ( fat) and he is still losing weight. Sounds lovely, but in all honesty it is bc he isnt absorbing all the nutrients/Kcals so it is just how it is. Me, on the other hand, I am absorbing it for him. ha!

-December will be good. Lots to be thankful for and lots to look forward to.