Saturday, November 08, 2014

Following A New Path

Hello to all of you! Lots has been going on since i last wrote about fall and the TC 10 miler. My last running race and my last running steps to be exact since Oct 5th! Phew, seems like forever but its really only been a month and I am doing fine in my head which usually sets the course for being fine physically. This wasnt without some major speed bumps to get here but as of now? today? I am good!

So in no real order:
Fall is slowly leaving us, the forecast for the next 10 days is barely into the 30's and snow. Boo. Not READY this early.

 I still have a fun time every morning checking in on the zoo in the basment. Luckily they havent gotten upstairs yet and after i had a live one ( that nearly killed ME bc i was crying so hard trying to get it free) I havent even added more PB but they keep coming!

We had a girls weekend in Lake Geneva. We ate a balanced diet.

But since Caroline is having a baby we did get better food than above and we also had a surprise shower for her. JH and some Chicago girls ( and julio!) came up for a visit and we loved every second. I laughed alot, and got some good good advice and discussions, the kind you cant get texting or emailing with your besties bc they live too far away.  Caroline was training for a marathon ( yes she is in her 2nd trimester!) while i stayed in my non run mode, Stacey was in a boot, and sarah said " whatever its off season." Liz was a cross racing nut and left early to dominate ( terrorize) the Cat 4 race and then finally upgrade so she didnt hurt any more juniors. ( just kidding)

 I parted ways with a very nice man that I had the pleasure to get to know over the last year.  It was one of the hardest things I have done but i know what i need in a partner and i know he is out there.

But that didnt mean i didnt get to meet up with his sister and her fiance when they came to town for some shopping. But if you look at the stolen quote below from Bree, that is what I want, and what I deserve. I dont do average well.

And while i have no photos I am about 2.5 weeks into my 2nd experience with PRP. I may write more on that later ( comment if you want the all out PRP report, its pretty cool) , but for now all is fine. I have a big race and a big plan for 2015 but as my lovely coach reassures me. I am fine. This hamstring tendonopathy is one that i hear about alot from many of my friends. They have that dull nag in the insertion and they cant get it to go away. Well I have had it before in my left hamstring and when it showed up about 3 weeks before the TC 10 miler in my RIGHT hammie ( i know, the good one! what???)  i knew. I knew and sadly accepted this was my fate. I also know that it doesnt go away. Rest doesnt make it better alone nor does stretching it ( no-no-no) so before i got the PRP i went into no run mode and some aggressive eccentrics along with deep work on the area. 

When I finally did the PRP the good doctor ( i will hook you up if you live locally, just ask) and I went over the MRI which was pretty unremarkable and went for it. No tears. Just minimal to mild -osis or -opathy, if you will. I am doing some super BUNS OF STEEL and CORE TILL I CRY type workouts now and will start on eccentrics soon. Hopefully can start running in about 10-14 days. My body is the boss but i am optimistic! 

Last in the health section...I had blue light treatment or photodynamic therapy on my face on friday.
OUCHIE. I look like a tomato. I cant be in direct or indirect sunlight till sunday and after that i am told I will peel a bit and look sorta " like i had a bad sunburn." My Derm has been after me to do this and since i grew up in the "SPF 4" era and wore few hats and no glasses playing hours of tennis I am sure my face has some sun damage. While this was like fireworks going off on my face it feels now like i have a VERY BAD SUNBURN. Riding my trainer i had a cold water bottle and cool towel. Ouchie. 

Those of you on FB And Instagram saw this: 

The first one is from EFA and it was labor day weekend before Rich died. The ocean pic is when we were in Florida with my parents i dont remember the year. But what I love about these pics is that I still feel like Rich is right here with me. I know that doesnt maybe " make sense " to you but it does to me. And when i hear someone ( maybe an ex?) say " I dont know if you are over Rich..." I have to step back and think " Do i ever want to get over him? what does that mean?" I know what it means and I know that there will always be a little piece of my heart that is with Rich. This doesnt mean i dont have a lot more heart to give, but best of all after two years I finally feel like i am back to knowing what I need and what I want in a relationship. And most important, what I deserve. And I am pretty grateful for all the people in my life and all the blessings!!! People come in and out of our lives for a reason and i cant wait to see what is next! 

Thanks for reading:)