Monday, May 11, 2015

Catching up....

I started a race report in march, it never got past the initial draft phase! Life has been good, busy, good, busy and a few hiccups along the way. Since i am doing my best to keep my life in balance, my life hasnt been ALL training. I really have been quiet on the blog scene partly bc 1) i got hacked and so i had to change my address so many of you three readers cant even find me 2) I have had alot of soul searching on WHY? WHAT? WHY? Do i want to do this?? And honestly winter or march or even APRIL for that matter in MN arent the best months to decide on your season when its sleeting and 40 and your skin hasnt seen the sun since September.

So if any of that makes sense here is what i have been up to:

Ran a great fun Get lucky 7k. It went really well. My speed work has been nil, a few pick ups here and there and most of my fast runs were done inside on the Hydroworx. So to run even 7k at a good clip sub 7's with ease i was pretty happy. At this point you know things cant last:) I had started to have some lower back pain ( well soreness) in the pool and now i had started to feel it running too. Running with a super powerful JET pushing water at you on a fast Underwater treadmill wasnt good either and i really was sore thru most of march.

Didnt of course think too much of this new issue i had with too much lumbar extension ( ie stand up tall and if you arent engaged in your lower abs you are gonna be in trouble) in the pool and running. I just sorta thought, " huh, i never have back issues." and off to camp i went.

Stacey and I take on Madera. Jen and Maxine were someplace:)
Camp was a blast and it really renewed my love for 1) being WARM, yes 90 deg ++ bring it. 2) for training with fun people 3) biking.

As much as i love to run and swim outside, biking just really really is so awesome. Everytime we all got in safely though i said a prayer, you just never know what people's bike handling skills are and of course what a car may decide to do.

Team Lidocaine had a ton of fun and we laughed alot, ate alot of whole foods and laughed some more.
Team Lidocaine cleans up nice
 My back was sorta sore but ya know sometimes you just forget about the niggles and survive! I came home and the day off in the airport was fine but i was tired. About a week later i got really tired and my back hurt more and my Hammy hurt more with speed and oiy, tune back into the " WHAT WHY WHAT WHY?" Talks  I  was having. A few saving graces:

It was sorta nice out! I mean it wasnt snowing, and the snow was really gone. We had some 70's and some 60's and while we have had our share of wet and 40 to 50 deg its really been OK for MN standards. NOW mark my words i knowwe are never out of the woods till july!

This guy has helped alot too.
My cute man who i am so lucky to have by my side supporting me thru any crazy endeavor i do, and reminding me that worrying is a waste of energy. When you have the worry gene, that is hard to let go of but i am trying. The weekend after camp we escaped to FLA to get our sweat on, see the sights and just relax. My back was really bugging me so nothing like some airplane rides to really let you know that its time to get an MD to check you out. I take any pain as a  "note to self" but back pain the most. Luckily i had no trouble with walking, or sitting or sleeping, it was a pretty specific position and well, swimming! Ack! Swimming is usually good for the lower back but if its not a disc issue ( which i was 90% sure mine wasnt) then unloading the spine doesnt really matter if its a rotational issue. So a lovely fun great weekend, then we headed back to reality.

In the midst of this I was getting in my training, getting needled which gave relief but the soreness just came back esp with swimming. Getting out of Aero to run wasnt great either. The consistent theme here is that the Lats and QL ( lower back) were consistently " ON " and that guarding made me think it was more than a strain. One MRI later and my MD's thought was right. I have some L3L4 facet inflammation, likely due to trying to stand too tall running and losing my lower abs, and likely over side planking. Yup, all our bodies are different arent they? Luckily my discs are LOVELY! And really i am so relieved about this.

MRI and any CT or any of that cues some irrational panic in me from Rich. It is what it is, but whether i am crazy or not i have had a panic attack in or before any of these tests. There were alot of Pet scans. MRI's CT scans with rich and i know i have this non logical fear that i will be diagnosed with this strange tumor that nobody expected. So rest easy i am good. But honestly you can tell me to not worry but...I saw it happen when he was asymptomatic, so heck I still have to have alot of hand holding if i get any of these tests.

Training is clipping along, lots of stretching and core work and a re-training of some TVA in the run and also trying to keep my core engaged swimming. Its getting better though the thought of a 50 M pool in my future and a lake with no flip turns is inviting. I will be getting some sort of injection into the facet joint in the near future. The MD wasnt keen on an oral dose of steroids or NSAIDS bc she said she has seen too many athletes not really know if they are recovered and that it masks/limits your bodies natural inflammation and recovery. Which i knew, but it was good to hear her say " Id get the shot."

Hopefully that will allow for some more comfortable swimming and runs off the bike when the muscle guarding stops. So as this blog is now turning too medical:

I got the rust out and did a TT last week: photo courtesy of PP.

Ruby dug into my mom's purse and tried to chew up her lipstick. She is getting precocious in her old age.
I Didnt do ANYTHING wrong.....

I love these: 

My nephew Joe is an amazing kid. 7th grader who hits the ball like a senior, but he is still just a little boy. Cant wait to see him play more and more and grow into his body!

I am loving the lilacs. Last year they came out at the end of JUNE! no photo its pouring out, but my ride saturday smelled like lilacs the entire time! from lilacs to.....nasty.....

Where is Glen when you need him?
Yes i have had a few of these in my house. Dont ask.

I turned 49 years young and had a really fun night out celebraing. What a special night full of surprises!

I broke up with my Y and joined the Park pool. It was hard. But it was the best thing in the world to do. No more chlorinated sinuses and no more wandering pool temps. This is a solid 81 deg pool. Love. IT.

And the glory days: 
Where's waldo. I Cant get this to turn. State champions 1984.