Saturday, January 24, 2015

Is it still January?

Greetings from MN. Its been awhile. Too long actually because now I feel the need to write 5 pages, but I wont and you are welcome. I left off as winter was just starting. I was not running. Life was fine, but not blogging was partly because my life was in flux and well, it was a busy holiday time! Life in flux is good. As I insinuated earlier I needed and wanted to take stock of what had " gone down " in the last 2+ years personally.  You know I see the best in people and the way I live my life is to always always give people the benefit of the doubt. In the short term this is groovy, and fun. For all. In the long term it can mean I see potential in people that they may not or may not WANT to see. I learn the hard way to not be co-dependent and I here we are.

Funny that as soon as I really saw that this summer I grew leaps and bounds. Athletes are usually of the camp that want to glean every bit of knowledge, they have the skill set ( usually) to take what they can use and discard the rest. This usually happens in an open discussion where nobody takes anything the wrong way and we as athletes agree to disagree. Same goes for my work. I work with alot of bright and intelligent health care providers. Discussions may or may not be confrontational but the relationships that thrive in my workplace do so because we mutually respect one another and know that we have the resident or the organization in our best interest.

Relationships dont always work that way. And to quote or misquote one of many instagramm sayings
" Dont let someone try to water you down because they cant take you full strength." or something like that :)

As for life outside of the above, things are moving along. Work is super busy and I am loving every minute. Even if it means i am working more minutes than ever. I have the unique position of being able to work 1:1 with older adults on specific balance and functional skills, but at the same time, get the ear of our CEO as we plan for how we can grow Wellness on all our campuses. Right now we serve about 25k older adults in MN, WI and IA. In 2.5 years we expect to double this. That is alot of people! This isnt directly on our campuses but in communities and outreach programs. This is big and I am happy to say our CEO sees the challenge of behavior change and culture to get older adults moving.

Triathlon. Oh yes, That. I started up wth JH again in January. Its never a smooth ride to begin with for me. I am successfully rehabbing my hamstring and will say that some major form changes, shoe changes, more strength than i have ever done has me running a few inches taller without the aid of a Hoka.  ( that was a joke, get it?) But running in florida in warm and humid is a bit easier than running on ice and snow in MN so i am dealing with some niggles that are from the onslaught of winter lately. Though its nearly 40 today! Why cant i run when its 40? :) I need to be less stubborn and get on the TM when its slippery out but a girl needs her outdoor time. Well I do.

Things will come together. I am not worried and JH has been a saint at re assuring me things are fine. Even though i still have the desire to " hit every single wko in TP" I am accepting that that doesnt always happen, at least to me in January!

Well that about covers some of what I had to say, without 5 pages of babble.

And because pictures are more fun:

This picture makes my heart jump with joy. And yes it makes me want to play tennis even if  I have surely missed my chance to hold my own with my 12 yo nephew. 

Ruby. Ya these are from summer:) But cant have a post without a dog pic:)
more for Ruby's fan club ( ok my mom and ER)
Holiday fun with my Dartmouth bestie

Oh the Gulf even on a cloudy day....

Me and mom, walking on above cloudy day

Sun's out, and i squeezed into my new Betty two piece! 

Some new shoes that no, i cant wear in the snow and ice but i do my strength in them and theyre great!

Looks like summer

Tennis selfies

The "boys" in their new hand me down specs

No comment needed? :) 

All bundled up and nowhere to go....oh but out on the snow to run.