Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Gerbil Wheel

Time for a quick update. And i mean quick, because life lately has been somewhat monotononous.
I was emailing with Angela like we do all day long most days about the weather. Yes the weather. And racing. Some about the family, her's, mine, my love life, her chaotic life at the moment with a husband on the injured reserve list, etc...well anyways I decided life lately feels like we are on the gerbil wheel. Maybe bc we have been on the treadmill so much, not sure.....

So here is my check list of things that have made life monotonous:

Its been cold. I mean COLD. -15 , then -10 and today it was nearly 20 deg. SO when you are telling me its too cold to run outside and you are talking 40 degrees? Ok i will stay off social media.

We have so much snow that the roads are like a luge track. Your car, should you have a smaller low to the ground car bounces around like its in a pinball machine. We cannot park on one side of the street bc the emergency vehicles cant get thru. We are in one solid state of snow emergency until this melts.

Melting = FLOODING. And ice dam and leaking. And snow rakes and ...so what was it about 40 degrees that was so bad? Maybe its better to stay frozen.

Training. I am doing it. Doing work. That is good monotony. I am taking my time, realizing how grateful I am for health insurance ( even tho my coverage is worse than 2013 and i pay 2x as much) yes. But i have it and i realize if were unisured how much this little surgery -> lets complicate things and go to the ER would cost otherwise.

Family is good. I am a lucky girl. My family loves and and I love them and someday we will all swim and grill in my pool that is covered with ALOT OF SNOW.

Mike is good. Working alot. Being a good dad. Being a good BF. Not sure he knows what dating someone training for an Ironman entails but he will find out. I think when he says " what are you doing tmmrw?" and i lead with " riding my bike then swimming," he gets that things go on before the sun is up and often I need to tone that down and just say " work , driving all over the metro like normal" and not lead with the training. Its not normal to workout 2x a day unless you have a goal like and IM and i realize and he does too, that you dont do a 11 hour Ironman by training 45 minutes a day.

I am getting a new bike. Its not here yet but i am super excited.

Tucson cant come soon enough. Actually yes it can. I was off my bike for 5 weeks. That has been a painful and mentally taxing thing for me. I often think i am a slow responder to riding. I need to ride alot and then i get stronger. Mt Lemmon doesnt get any shorter or less challenging. This year will be a very tough ride for me. Then again Gates Pass isnt any cake walk either coming up the back side!

That is about it, monotony is good. As is staying out of the E.R. and the O.R.