Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is It really April 28th?

Well hello my pretties. I seem to keep telling myself i need to blog and then i go "meh, not much going on." I didnt want to complain about the fact that we hadnt seen 60-70 deg in 187 days. I had to get thru those snowfalls last week:

Yes this was tuesday, the same day i was supposed to be riding outside. Nope that didnt happen.
Luckily by about thursday it had disappeared. Well not at my house, i have tried to invite the neighbor kids over to make snowmen in my shaded area but they were more excited about the "summer" they had in their driveway. So it goes. We have had a nice weekend, and will see a few more days of nice before it gets all 40 and 50 on us again. Bah Humbug.

I did a little race yesterday. Half marathon. I Did it 2 years ago in pouring rain and 40 deg. Yesterday it was nicer, no rain and light winds. Still amazed me how 65 and sunny can feel hot to me. Guess me few days in Tucson didnt really acclimate me. or perhaps it was bc i was running like a 10 min mile up the canyon that running 7:xx yesterday zapped me. Nonethe less it was a good effort. I told Coach Jen i was mostly THRILLED( alert if you are under 35 or maybe even under 40 you will have no clue what i am talking about) that I didnt finish totally crippled. USUALLY some body part talks to me about 9 miles in. Hence i realize i like 10 mile races. But even tho i am sore today nothing during the race made me take pause or have to do damage control. I just got tired but then around mile 9 i got a surge uphill and killed it. Passed a ton of guys who then after the race were all "Worship" like to me, which was sorta funny. I managed to pass the leader in my AG about 1/2 mile from the finish and since i dont really know runner people I just had sorta guessed she looked my age, and at the turn around ( mile 9) she was about 1/2 mile ahead. So that was fun ( for me, not her). I got 10th OA so i will take it. Big race, huge race where the 10k and 13.1 share the start and the course for 5 miles so that is a mess. I had to stopmyself from turning off early, haha, kidding, But once all those 10k people left ( and ate all the salted nut rolls, shame on you) It was alot more open but also alot harder.

So here is my take on the half mary. I always think i SHOULD  ( bad word i know) be able to run faster. But then i get into the heat of the battle and miles 5-9 just seem like Im being dragged to who knows where. Then around mile 9 i shake out of it and say "4 miles, just move it along." Now, this isnt always true. I have had death marchs ( last March) where the last 4 miles literally were a slow decline in the ability of my quads to work. No gel or no water would help that.

Yesterday i just felt like i needed more water. I sure took the gels i needed but they had limited water on course, which for a day that i am acclimated to " 40 and rain" would have been fine. So there i was at mile 9 taking a gel that sat in my mouth all clumpy gave me a not good feeling. Finally got water at 12 ( a bit too late) but by then the gel was sorta just hanging in my mouth. Ok no more on undigested gel, you get the drift.

Then last night had a little early birthday party with Tom, my parents, my sister and my nephews and Rob, my brother. Aimee had to work:
Guess who that is and you get a free tennis ball. Answer at the end.

I also went to JHC Camp. A few snowfalls makes that seem like last year. IT was awesome as usual. I loved the style of living, condo style, and i think everyone at camp worked hard. I really felt like i was not prepared as well just bc i hadnt been outside on my bike AT. ALL. I Want to get there earlier next year or stay later bc all in all riding my bike 2 times was a sad pouty face for me. I had a mechanical with the Di2 shifing so i will think twice about that bike again. I tell ya Going up Lemmon doesnt get ANY easier. Sigh. JEn and JErome pour their hearts into camp and I am so grateful they like to do it. ITs really a high light for me. Very sad that i felt like i should be there longer riding with Rich, so next year I hope to go earlier, stay later, ride a few routes we used to do like Madera and Aravaca. Any takers? :)

View from Windy Point 

 Me and Liz at the cookie cabin

The gang hanging out, maybe Jimmy was telling stories again!

New venue, day after mechancial: Gates Pass/McCain Loop

It doestnt look all that steep does it. heh heh heh, just wait and see. 
Pippi looking all TP like and resting like a champ before we GOT to ride home!

And how many wait people can we get to rearrange the restuarant for us? 

Well that is all I have for you. Birthday fun this week. I am super sore and who knows how things will play out this week but lets hope i can be back in the swing of things this weekend for some more quality training. First du is coming up May 19th!

Thanks for reading.

Mardy Fish