Friday, February 22, 2008

Somedays i really miss things i used to do all winter...
Sorry gotta look sideways. Do you know who that is? Hint:
She is currently with the Shark.

And this...
And this:
And this. That isnt winter. Busted.
I dont know the guy, just know i girled him in the last mile.

Hazelden 5miler at Medicine Lake.

Fight To The End
Does it ever feel like getting thru winter is this hard?

Someone has a strong core. One good thing about winter.
And watching Branko and Gabby and Rolston and.........

Monday, February 18, 2008

Balance class

Here are some of the neat people I am lucky enough to work with in Strength and Balance class.
I wish i had gotten a photo of the soccer game. The chicks beat on the guys 5-0! I even helped the guys out (Ray and Jim are gearing up for next week) but I had to say I was so proud of the gals i didnt try TOO hard. We do seated and standing soccer, lots of sit to stand, one legged stands and one gal even does it on the foam disc. Nobody has graduated to unilateral stand with eyes closed, but I also have to remind them that the exercise is only effective just up to the point BEFORE they wipe out and I have to call 911. We stop short of that. Other than that, all is fair.

We have to be careful the ladies playing cards across the room dont like the tennis balls flying too close to them. Come spring, we are going outside toplay badmiton.

And yes, they all say they are getting stronger. When it comes to balance and falls, the biggest hurdle people face is, in my opinion, the FEAR of falling. If i can help them overcome that, their odds of falling drop dramatically. As long as the throw rugs are up, little foofy the dog isnt in the way, their meds are managed, their eyes are semi-ok, .....ok you get it. Strength, reactions, and proprioception (Where your body is in space) are only a part of what keeps these folks upright.

Actually I think it is the social life and the good donuts!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I like the Kennel club alternative; Sport dogs leaping off the dock doing the "long jump," into a lake. That is cool. I have to admit it is fun to see the trainers running around in a circle in their uncomfortable looking suits and ties as they parade their dogs. That is worth watching.
Tonight the Best of Show will be named. Lets hope it isnt one that has ribbons, although after sitting through more coifing than i have had in alifetime perhaps a poodle deserves it.
I think i will keep rooting for the Sport dogs.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Top Secret Training CAMP
JZ is determined to make the elite team 2008.
I think he is having waay too much fun today:)
And even more fun...
Arm warmers still on means that I am not working hard enough or it is -13 and i am sitting by the window. I have to say I draw the limit at -10 to ride outside. Actually it is more like +20. And that is usually enhanced with quite a few chemical heat packs.
Special GP potions fueled the ride.
Way to go today Boys! UNDERDOG salutes you! Edy's too. Yummy. I like their Edy's light vanilla bean or the neapolitan. I eat all the vanilla and strawberry out and leave the chocolate for someone else. Yea I cant say i love chocolate. But Hot tamales or red and black licorice, now you're talking.
JZ have fun in Phoenix. The snow and cold will be waiting for you when you get back.

It really is a shame that my hands were shaking when Branco took the screen. And i can pronounce his last name, not sure i can spell it.

Yummy. I love hot tamales. How young do I have to be to be in the club? They were giving out sweet green caps today at the game versus the Islanders. But only for kids. Bummer.
Wild won, but it wasnt pretty. OT when Gaborik did a quick little doo-dah on the ice and passed it off to...hmm...Burns maybe and he scored. Granted the Islanders scored 38 seconds into the 2nd period and then about 28 seconds into the 3rd period. Whatever Jacques told the crew during the break sure didnt inspire good D.
We got out on top tho and after 2 close losses the WILD needed the win.
Especially when it was HOCKEY DAY in MN!
And thanks to Honey who always takes me to games. He is also patient when my hands shake when Branco is on the ice. How understanding is that!! Tho i havent gotten my Radivoyivjc jersey YET. Seems they never have my size. Suspect.