Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birthday Weekend

It's Rich's birthday tommorrow so we started celebrating friday with his brothers ( 3 of them have birthdays in the same week, good timing mom!) and that carried over to a great ride saturday. We explored a new loop and since i had a taper brick on the schedule it was fun to actually feel like i was TTing again. I havent TTed since mid July, so when i saw some 12 min efforts I got all giddy inside. The 100+ stuff is fun, but i really like to rev up Gretta and see if she can go fast and with a good high cadence as well.
Then i had a harder than usual run afterwards. Yay!
All I can say is that i think i blew a gasket! I was wiped to the max this morning when i woke up and so after some thought and a sturdy " opinion " from my coach we called it a full rest day. Nada. Nothing. I left the house to go get food for tonight, and that was about it. I havent done that in???? not sure. I Wasnt sick I wasnt tired ( hahaha, um really?) so like a small child i fought the nap. I decided that at 7 am the best thing to do was to clean the fridge and then try to sleep.
I mean clean it out and eat all that i can out of it. Silly.
I am not up for cleaning the fridge right now.
So Eggs, Bacon, fruit, some greek yogurt with that fruit, a bagel, i lost track after that. Jasmine tea, and slowly the food coma helped me to go upstairs and fall back asleep.
The party continued with more family over tonight, the pool is cooler, two days ago in full sun it was 76 now its 71. Amazing power that lightbulb in the sky has, and to my delight my youngest nephew Will has learned to go into the deep end. He motored around, and would not stop. My brother said the other night he swam at the lake, then got on his bike with no shoes and just his suit, and then got off and ran to the car.
His first multisport effort he claimed.
So tonight he tried my pull buoy and a star was born. Now dont get me wrong, he isnt a young Phelps, but that Pull Buoy kept that littel fanny from dragging down and he was just thrilled. Little does he know i packed it away with my brother so he can have it for HIS birthday in 2 days.
Lots a family time this weekend, which is how it should be! and yes lotsa cake with lotsa frosting. I heard that is the key to a good 1st IM.

That's it from Taperville.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Too bad i didnt see Phil and Bobke too

So this past weekend i hit the Dairyland Dare. Figured why not, get some more hills, drive back to Madison area AGAIN...and sleep in a bad hotel bed. Why not? Our hotel did have one thing that was good. Location, Location, Location. .7 miles from Lands End and the start of the Wisconsin Gran Fondo.

Of course i wasnt Fondo-ing, so the timing chip was sorta silly, but it was still fun to go "BEEEEEEP" over all the timing mats.

Highlights: Waking up at 4 am .  ha kidding. that goes into the lowlights.
Ok lets start over:
Closing my eyes at 5:30 am in the parking lot of Lands End ( start of the event) and realizing that little dude with the brown hair who was lifting up my bike and giving it some love was none other than:
Robbie! Too funny, had i known it was him i would have had a sweet remark about not having a team car when he said all the bottles made the bike SO HEAVY!

Riding with my honey and Scott, not quite the Triple Bypass but still pretty darn fun.

No flats, for me. Scott had one.

Eating the best chex mix and 1/2 banana mid ride, i know i know, that isnt my IM nutrition but it was better than a slim jim. I was fine. Yay I can do that during IM and not puke.

The volunteers! Can you say WOW. They were at MOST corners flagging you to turn.

Riding with Ben!

Running with Ben!

Never Bonking

Eating good food after. I dont know if it was good, but it was food.

Beer. Yup. I had a great Belgian, then ran into some Dartmouth 99's who gave me their beer coupons. This made Rich And Scott very happy. ( remember the location location location of the hotel? close by)
And yes it never hurts to be a Dartmouth Alum.

All the people telling me i had a nice rack. Yup, i havent heard that much:) so i had some fun with that!

PS i got this from a gumball machine, you turned it and when i got a green one all the ladies OOOHED and AHHED. "GREEN,that is very rare, the prizes are great!" I bound inside to see tables of pumps and water bottles and shirts. and....antlers. Yup. Lucky me:) Antlers are for the green gumballs. Oh well. I guess i dont need another bike pump!

Seeing Michelle roll in all beat up, glad she is ok.

Riding in the pouring rain, that stinks. But i know i can do it.

No brakes on descents for about 20 miles after that. Or at least realizing if i rode my front brakes I had an  ENDO waiting to happen. So was smart about that.

Seeing Rich roll in after the pulled the riders for bad weather. Too bad he couldnt meet his goal of 300K but i was glad he was safe.

Getting ANOTHER pansy massage from the students. Wont complain, but i am, i know. I had the same thing at Chisago. Just bad luck. I was gractious dont worry but come on people, if you are at a race you may want to not tell me you have joint problems and cant give any pressure. Laughing that Scott and Rich had the best massages ever, their massage therapists were hammering on them!

The beds, the pillows, the flies in the room, did i say location?

The continental breakfast = CARB BOOM. NOt a fruit or protein to be seen. So what do we do? hit the land of the EGG mcMuffin. You gotta do what you gotta do. At that point sunday morning we had no interest in a simple sugar.

Getting home sunday and going to swim, at 1500 i needed a nap. Game over. I got out.

So that is about it. I dont get to go to Wisconsin again ( well other than for a swim race next weekend!) until the big dance. Getting closer......

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa all in 3 days!

Hi people. Pretty deep into training and travelling so i will be brief! It's too much work to get my phone out of my way packed back pockets so there is no evindence of all the roads we covered on friday, and there is no evidence I was in Iowa soon after ( via car) for a Family Reunion.

IM training is tough. I am starting to see how little things like having to get in the car and drive 3 hours after a long ride and T run, then sleep in dorms on crappy beds is more irritating to me now than if i werent in the thick of it.

So Friday went like this:

Bike farther and faster than i have since the Triple Bypass last year. And on my Tri bike none the less. I still think climbing is meant for my road bike, but that is another matter. We rode from home to Hastings, across to Wisconsin, Prescott down the river ( and the hilly parts!) back home to Red Wing, to Cannonfalls on a lovely trail that we pretty much had to ourselves, then back on country roads into Farmington, Rosemount and then home. I had a low moment around 100, we were short on water and we were both just getting fatiqued. We had a nice cloud cover but it was sticky out.
Got home to do a T run and felt a bit jittery. Not bonking Jittery but like i was still riding my bike, despite standing in my kitchen. Perhaps 10 gels, 2 waffles, and powerblasts and lotsa Perform just had me a bit hyperglycemic. But the run was fine so i think I was fine! Just tired.

ICe bath, subway, out the door for a three hour drive to Luther College! Woohoo!
Late night pizza ( of course we made it for the ice cream social, so eat dessert first right?) and in bed by 10 pm.

My Preus family cousins came from all over ( Norway, duh) but also Germany ( Johan Christian Hermann Linka...) there is some Deutsch in there, and it was lovely to see and meet many of them. I am sad to say i missed the entire saturday morning education bc i was...running:) I did get going by 7 am, but 2 1/2 hours later i was done. I made my run to get ice ( we are in a dorm no ice, no fridge) and i was just trying to cool off. It sure is Humid down there i love it, but when the trail i am on says tehre are two potty stops with water and they are no where to be seen....well....I fogot Iowa has these NON MODERN REST STOPs. That means there is a hole in the ground. OK. The trail supposedly went thru, according to a gal i asked in the route, but when i ended up on a corn field i was so lucky to find "Jared" with his camelbak and we ran back into Decorah on a road. I had no clue where i was, and am sure the little pink flags on the proposed trail would have gotten me into town eventually, but i was so short on water i was ready to fall over. Only in Iowa do i end up in a corn field, ask a random farmer/person in a truck, and find a Luther native to chaperone me home. It was my lucky day.

Since i also was blessed with my monthly visitor i had a few GI issues that luckily waited till i was home ( my dorm home!) and food that day was sparse and sorta icky. Dinner was Nordic buffet. yup, we got a bit of it all. No Lutefisk thankfully, but beets, pickled herring, pureed rutabaga ( which is actually kinda good) and some pork and swedish meatballs. Needless to say my tummy is sorta not happy. Its all good, but not what i would normally eat for good recovery.

We stopped on the way home and got Corn ( Yes! finally roadside corn) and some tomatoes. Our's are taking their time coming in. I had a rest day and my body thanks Jen for that. I can see how the cumulative stress wears on you but mentally i am doing good, just trying to stay positive and keep the physical body parts working. So far so good, a few spots i keep my eye on, but one day at a time.

Happy Weekend. Keep this great humidity coming. I cant stand the thought of a frigid lake start on Sept 11!