Tuesday, February 03, 2015

100 Things ( #4 is listed twice) LOL not sure why.

1.     I love my name
2.     My name was going to be Sara but my cousin Sara was born 7 mos earlier and got that name, so I became Julia.
3.     I don’t like being called Julie.

4.When I was young I was afraid a lot. I used to sleep with stuffed animals lined on my bed to protect me.
4.     I idolized both my sisters.
5.     My younger brother was a pain
6.     My younger brother is now one of my best friends.
7.     I cant remember at what age I fell in love with tennis but I do know I loved getting new rackets, and I loved playing tennis from the age of 10 on.
8.     I learned to hit a forehand by copying my sister Heide.
9.     We used to take lessons from a pro in La Jolla named Bill Bond. He taught us the EGG backswing. It’s still a topic of family conversation.
10. I ball girled for Chris Evert and I was so nervous I am surprised I even could move.
11. I studied alot. Like at least friday or saturday night. I was called a hermit by many.
12. I didn’t do a lot of social stuff in 7-12th grade
13. Most of my social stuff I did do was with my teams or tennis friends. One favorite was playing tennis all day ( yes really) at my friends house and then going to Dairy Queen and then driving over to stalk her crush Jim Demaies. Funny i remember his name. 
14. I played Varsity Tennis, Basketball and Softball from 9th grade on.
15. Most of my teammates were consistent ( ie the same people)
16. I started at my school in 1st grade.
17. My parents told me they had a surprise for me when I was in public school and I thought it was a new bike or a stuffed llama. It was entry to a different school mid year. I didn’t think that was all that awesome.
18. MY cousin ( see 2) and I used to compete in spelling in 2nd grade, it was stressful.
19. My aunt Marge( see 2) was my 4th grade teacher. 4th grade was the best
20. Aunt Marge died way to young and I miss her.
21. My favorite color was red.
22. My favorite color now is …it dependsJ Aqua Marine or periwinkle blue.
23. I wore a uniform to grade school. Then we had a dress code for 7-12.
24. We wore snoopy/colorful/knee highs to express ourselves.
25. I used to make (paint/ribbons) hair accessories and sold them to a gift shop when I was in 6th and 7th grade
26. I had an avocado plant in my room as a kid.
27. I never liked avocado till a few years ago.
28. I started with guacamole and now I can eat avocado rawJ
29. I used to re arrange my bedroom every few months.
30. I was a neat freak and liked to have all my clothes put away.
31. My car now is a mess. I am not a neat freak anymore.
32. I never thought about what I ate till I went to college.
33. My tennis coach used to weigh us and do body comp testing on us.
34. We had to run timed miles 1x week. I almost joined the track team.
35. My freshman summer I decided I needed to get in shape.
36. Division 1 tennis players are usually already in shape ( duh)
37. I had disordered eating my sophmore and junior years at college.
38. I loved Dartmouth
39. I didn’t really love my tennis coach
40. At Dartmouth I met some of the best people who I am still friends with.
41. I lived in Lyon, France for 3 mos. I didn’t like it.
42. I travelled to the south of Spain and spent a day in morocco. I was terribly homesick and was miserable.
43. When the space shuttle blew up I was sitting with my French family eating dinner in Lyon France and I have never felt so alone and isolated in my life. I wanted to go home.
44. Dartmouth alums talk a lot about their college and their fellow alums.
45. Sorry
46. My favorite job when I was in college was teaching tennis.
47. I almost became a tennis professional
48. I had a melanoma
49. I quit tennis bc I was mentally drained, and I wanted to meet new people
50. I met my husband riding bikes
51. I am still afraid of the sun ( see 48)
52. I love being outside.
53. Often I am torn btwn being outside, sun, skin cancer, And usually go back to the feeling that “ I don’t want to die from being tan.” 
54. I have never been to Las Vegas
55. I am not sure that is a problem since I cant stay awake past midnight
56. I want to go to Bend, Oregon.
57. I don’t know how much longer I can do triathlon.
58. I worked at Caribou before it became a chain that makes so so espresso drinks
59. I never thought I wouldn’t have kids
60. I just never wanted to have kids enough to do it alone
61. I met Rich when I was 40. We got married when I was 43. He died when I was 46.
62. My 40s have still been the best years of my life.
63. Meeting Rich made me a better person
64. Being with Rich as he died changed me forever.
65. Seeing Rich die made me fear death a lot less.  But I still fear death.
66. I don’t think I have any enemies.
67. I really believe in the “ do the right thing “ way of living. Lots of people may give that lip service but they don’t act on it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
68. I have only been in the hospital twice.
69.   After college I was inpatient for 6 weeks bc I was anorexic. I admitted myself bc I knew I needed help. 
70. After routine surgery in 2014 I was hospitalized for 4 days with mysterious we have no idea what is happening Dx. NOS pain. IT was the worst.
71. Hashtags really start to annoy me.
72. When you live with someone fighting cancer you will understand what strength/heart and courage is.
( see 71)
73. Yes I know that I take things personally sometimes and I shouldn’t.
74. I am an eternal optimist
75. I sometimes believe in people more than they believe in themselves
76. I can be stubborn and set in my ways
77. I like sushi. A LOT.
78. I can’t make a good Cosmo anymore.  End of an era  (see I could have hashtagged that)
79. I love Malbec
80. I drink too much Espresso in the winter
81. Becoming a Physical Therapist is the best career choice i have ever made. 
82. Sometimes I think I am afraid to stop swim bike run bc its so hard to start up again
83. I want to play tennis again
84. I am not sure I want to or CAN play tennis again “ Like THAT.” How I used to play.
85. I have a 5 year and a 10 year master plan for my life AND for my active life.
86. I like competing in sports
87. I love playing ping pong.
88. I don’t like cats
89. I am not afraid of mice, or spiders but I don’t really care for snakes.
90. I used to eat a lot of ice cream but now it gives me a stomach ache
91. I didn’t eat meat from 8th grade till after college.
92. I dislike most pasta
93. I really like rice
94. I love my family. I love my extended family. I love my cousins.
95. We have a cabin in northern MN
96. I want to go to Greece someday
97. I eat too much almond butter
98. I want to live in a warmer climate for the winter months  ( ie Jan-March) someday.
99. I love open water swimming and swimming in the USVI and Square lake MN are my favorite places!