Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dum Dum De Dum: Where we have been, Where we are going

First a few photos: Where we have been..

KO thank you.
This is the bruising you get when they give you 2x day heparin shots for more than 2 weeks. Man he is still sore from those. The only good news about the bed rest was his clavicle healed. Hee, little joys!

Ok that "dum dum de dum" was my "sing along" to Mendehlson's Wedding March. Which by the way I am not using.

This is my dress. And my head piece.

Ok it isnt really, but how fun would that have been? Even tho it looks like an asymmetric curtain and a pigeon on her head. Only in New York, I am guessing.
Ok I have been watching too much Arrested Development, pigeons, magicians, and Gob, pronounced JOBE...ok ok either you get it or you dont.

Damie you didnt miss it:)
Tonight starts the festitivities as my parents have a family "grownup" party and some family is shipping in today.

Friday brings a pool swim, some coffee time for the ladies and the rehearsal. haha I need that. I already thought that the bridesmaids came in after me. Oops.

We are combining a 50th party for my parents with a Groom's dinner on friday.
Then saturday, a run or maybe a bike, then there is some makeup and hair where i have been promised i wont look like Tammy Faye.

I love this phone conversation with the hair person:
Me: "So do you want me to arrive with clean hair, wet hair...??"
Hair person: " Well what do you normally do with your hair in the morning."
Me: Blank space, dead phone..." Brush it?"
Hair person: sensing my confusion..." So you put in the PRODUCT and then....???."
Me: " I dont usually use product...."
Hair person: " So you just blow dry it and....." she is trying so hard to help me...I can sense her pain.
Me: " Nope never blow dry how about if i just come in with hair that isnt squeeky clean?"
Hair person, thinking "HELP HER..." YES THAT IS FINE.

Maybe i do need a dead pigeon in my hair
But then the Goal Event ( A RACE) is at 4:30. Reception will be a bit different than we had planned but still super fun. No worries.

We leave for the honeymoon monday!
Once again i cant say enough thanks to all my friends, family, those i dont even know who prayed for us or sent vibes in whatever spiritual or non spiritual manner suits you.
Today at a work meeting a scripture was used to describe Pace: The Gift to Run Your Race.
It was our all staff meeting and an author named Larry Julian spoke. He has three fantastic books out: GOD IS MY CEO, GOD IS MY SUCCESS, and GOD IS MY COACH ( along with Jen)
I really think that you all ( in addition to Beth!) will enjoy these books!

"Let us throw off everything that hinders...,and let us run with perseverence the race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1

Now when we define perseverence-moving forward despite obstacles and disturbances- we get new insight into these words and how they apply to us. Whether you apply this to a Triathlon ( winds, cold, you feel like crap, you are slow, you have PMS) or you apply this to life ( your fiance is diagnosed with cancer, you have a sick child, you have an injury, you lost all your $ in your 401k)

We have all perservered and now it is time to rejoice and celebrate!

I promised Rich no blog or FB on the honeymoon so ..signing off for a few weeks!

This is for Michelle. You cant read my lips but i am saying HTFU:) You cant see it but MY OCEAN ...The Mighthy calm and lovely to my left. Marit would be out there rowing. I know my sister was!

Ruby says hi. She is sporting the ribbon from a Williams Sonoma gift box and actually seems quite pleased with it!


TriGirl Kate O said...

Does this mean I have to post the one of me in the matching suit?

And I haven't gotten to talk to you this week--whaaaa! Tomorrow some time???

No FB for a week? Yeah, right... you know all those hotels have computers in the "business center."

Rebecca DeWire said...

What a crazy time for you guys and so exciting!!! ENJOY IT ALL! Can't wait to hear all the details upon your return.

Also, I can totally relate to Rich's heparin injections and the bruising since I had to do that twice per day in my stomach for the entire pregnancy and 6wks post-postpartum. No fun! I hope he is done with that.

Michelle Simmons said...

Haha... HTFU. Will do. ;) Hey, I ran in the rain today. Ok, it was just drizzle and it was probably 78 degrees, but still, I ran in the rain! I'm HARD.

I cracked up at that dress. I was like, REALLY??

Hope you guys have a great week together!

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

awww i love ruby! so cute! good luck with everything :) can't wait to hear how everything goes!

Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! Crack me up - I saw that dress too and I thought, "Damn (can I swear on your blog where you are being so religous?) I thought I knew Julia better than that! LOL

YOU and RICH have a great time - have a special wedding day - have a great honeymoon and NO Training Peaks either! :)) REST and live it up!!! And, enjoy the warmth and each other ! xo

best wishes!

runningyankee said...

darn i was thinking you would ROCK that dress! but i imagine you will look radiant in anything! congrats to you both. warm sunny beaches await. enjoy the time together... let us know about life outside of FB and blogging.. i'm not sure most of us remember! ha. happy happy wedding to you!
XO :)

Damie said...

well, I am glad I did not miss it. Sign off and have a great time. Enjoy your honeymoon ;) NO TRAINING! And, I thought the dress looked very Carrie Bradshaw. xxxxxooooo Best Wishes

Soul Rider said...

I love your conversation with the hairstylist. It sounds very much like one I would have...

Oh, sounds like you guys have a full and fun weekend planned. Enjoy it! Congratulations! ^_^

Have fun in the Caribbean, I'm jealous of the warm weather you'll get to enjoy! Give my greetings and wellwishes to Rich, too.

Beth said...

Love Hebrews 12:1!!! Think of it all the time. We have quite a race to run. :) I'll have to check those books out!!

Julia!!!! I am so, so happy and excited for you and Rich. Enjoy it all as I'm sure you will. Will be thinking of you guys this weekend for sure! And enjoy the sun and warmth on your honeymoon. Woooo-hoooo!!!

Kate Weaver said...

I just wanted to drop by and say CONGRATS!!!

Mary said...

Ah, you are in such a good place right now, yay! You two are blessed to have each other! Enjoy your time in the 'real' world.

Charisa said...

Happy Wedding!!! Have a great time and enjoy your time off from everything else.

Steve Stenzel said...

"asymmetric curtain and a pigeon on her head" Ha!

I hope you guys had a great day and are having an even better trip!!! Let me know when you're back: swim date!

mjcaron said...

Congrats on getting married.. Hope your honeymoon was fun..