Monday, November 26, 2012

Life Paralysis

Life these days for me, at least, can either put me under a tree afraid to make a move, or some days I feel like i have so much ahead of me, and so much to look forward to i dont know where to start!
Hence this leads to some paralysis.

I have to admit that often what makes me hide under this tree ( or want to go to bed at 8pm when its dark, oh make that 5pm) is when I start worring about money. Now granted when i was single and lived alone in my modest condo I was fine. I was all about knowing I had more coming in than going out. Insert a sudden "Tsunami" in your life, for lack of a better term other than "death of spouse" and its a bit overwhelming. All the sudden there is ALOT to manage. I know i am capable of it, and i have no doubt that I can and will be fine and will figure it out, but its a bit like you are in quick sand because you dont know how long you can stay afloat. Or if you turn your head the wrong direction you may slip under bc the rope someone hands you is behind you and you are looking the other way.

No need to get into details but this has obviously made me a bit skitish about committing to races or anything really besides my day to day living. I even realized I hadnt been to the grocery store in a week. Which meant i had no spinach and no broccoli, staples i love. Then again I had kale. Never far from green veggies at my house and luckily my Jewish mother is always got food to share and feeds me well if I stop over. Its hard to cook for 1. Rich was a big eater so i have had to adapt a bit. My sister doesnt eat MEAT, so i have to make sure i cook some real MEAT as JH calls it! I did get my slow cooker out and have a pork tenderloin ready to be cooked. Since its all the sudden FREEZING COLD OUT I am fine with the slow cooker, it makes no sense to me to use it when i can grill.

So as far as races go.. hmm. Triathlon. Lets do a What i know list:

I know today that i am not signing up for an IM until after 1/1/13
I know today that I am signing up for AG natz, bc lucky me only raced 2x last year ( USAT races) and one was IM MOO and i was top 10% so lucky gal I am.
I know today that I am doing BSLT 70.3. Hats off to Marti Greer for letting me in after having to drop out last year due to Rich and to my hammy issue.
I know today that I may do Vegas if i qualify.
I know today that I may do Cozumel, if its open when i decide.
I know today that I am actually ok and maybe actually smart to skip IM this year and sign up for IMLP 2014, eh all you IMLP die hards, tell me its as good as i hear:)

Ok I had about 3 mintues to post this but i wanted to just check in.
Thanks for reading:)

PS Oh i won a 5k with Marit, that should have a race report but its sorta boring. Lots of heavy breathing (ME), Spitting ( Marit) and I waited 6 seconds to be precise to cross the line with her. We both won a pie. And my sister won a pie for 3rd woman, so on the pie front we dominated.


Beth said...

Well I think you know more about your season next year than I do mine! :) Whatever it turns out to be, you will be awesome Julia. Thinking lots of you and hoping you are keeping warm! (and congrats to you and Marit - PIE winners!!!! :)

Molly said...

I can't wait to see you at AG Nats!!! :) You've got a lot going on so it's good that you are pacing yourself in terms of making decisions and not rushing to plan it all out.

And super awesome on the pie and Marit front.

cheryl said...

You won pie! All races should give desserts out as prizes.

Caroline said...

Congrats on the 5K win!! Since you are doing AG Nationals, I may have to consider it (if I qualify, of course). Would be fun to race with you! And then eat cupcakes. IMLP is wonderful. But I don't think I will be doing it in 2014. Three years in a row of any Ironman is enough. You eat hills for breakfast and take pleasure in repeats up Lemmon - you will dominate IMLP.

Betsy said...

Come to Tahoe to volunteer and hang and then sign up for 2014 :)

Do you even eat pie?!? You are such a good girl!

Damie said...

Nicely done, you two! Anything for pie!!! Wow, yes. I can't imagine the stress of not only losing your husband, but the facing of the day to day things solo. I love you. xo

Anonymous said...

I do "what I know" lists sometimes too. I might do Coz again too but waiting a bit to decide. Congrats on the pies!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you are half Jewish? Oy Veh! ha ha. Let's make plans soon Julia. SSBT